Wednesday, April 6, 2011

V & G

This week, both V and G have been vying for my lovely wife's attention with V IM'ing her and G emailing during the day at work. She's been recapping their conversations with me in the evening, which of course, I have thoroughly enjoyed. If anything, she leaves me wanting more in the way of detail, but I'll take what I can get at this point as she's very shy about discussing these things. The conversations with both men have been pretty tame by any standard, but they are getting more and more interesting each day.  

As suggested by JF Break in the comments from a previous post, I asked her if she would want to forward me the conversations as they occur to my email, so I could enjoy them as they occured in realtime. Her first response to this in reference to the IM'ing was that with IM, there isn't a record like there is with email, and she didn't want it showing up in her "sent" folder at the office. That's completely understandable. 

Since that conversation, however, she's been emailing daily with G. Email has always been their chosen method of communication since before things started to get personal. Today she emailed me at my gmail address, which i thought was strange. I replied to her that  I assumed when I saw a message from her it was because she was sending me "something" from her other conversations. She replied saying, " no, not from my work account:)". My response back to her was "I thought they were already going to your work email?" (the emails from G). In which case, they're already going to her work email, there's no added danger of her forwarding them to me.

The other reason for her not wanting to send them I have to consider is that she's just not comfortable letting me read them for whatever reason. There are two schools of thought on this; the first being she's my wife and she should be transparent with me as to what she's saying to him, especially understanding the freedom I'm giving her, although I don't necessarily subscribe to this opinion. The other is that she may not be sure how I would react to the words she uses with him, possibly thinking I'm not ready to read them; that she may have said some things in her portion of the emails that she is worried about me reading. The irony is, it's most likely these words that would turn me on the most. Even the thought of it is a turn on. Crazy.

Anyway, I'm not sure how best to proceed but I'm really enjoying it so far. V has been trying to convince her to let him cook dinner for her, and she has been telling G about her preparation time in the gym for when she did the boudoir photoshoot. I'm sure she's driving them both crazy. Last night as we made love, I told her I would be comfortable with her going over to his place for dinner (V). Alternatively, I said she might want to go for lunch again with G, and this time take her boudoir portfolio to tease him with. Of course, she said "no way" to both suggestions. 

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  1. Going back and reading this post (knowing what we all know now) it suddenly has "Clue" written all over it.

    You realize, this blog has the making of an interesting novel or at least Lifetime Movie of the Week.