Friday, April 8, 2011

G in the Lead

Today, Rebecca mentioned on the drive in to work that she had logged into her Gmail account. This was one I set up for her months ago so she would be able to email me privately. Up until a couple of months ago I had  been emailing her articles relating to the hotwife lifestyle (I hate the word "lifestyle"). Anyway, with her lack of interest/response, I had abandoned emailing her account. When I wanted to get her attention, I just would email her at work.

When she mentioned she had logged into it, I joked, half seriously, and asked if she had noticed that I had stopped emailing it a couple of months ago. When we arrived home after  late afternoon TGIF cocktails at our friends, I recalled that I had set up an old iphone of ours to be her own personal gmail phone. I had password locked it to one of her personal number combos so the kids wouldn't be able to use it and tossed it in a drawer.

When we arrived home from drinks, as I was making supper, I thought I would charge it and remind her that she had it to use as well (they use crackberries at work). Once it had charged for awhile, I opened it up to make sure it still worked, expecting to find my stack of unopened emails.

Well, in addition to those, I came across an email she apparently wrote last night while she couldn't sleep. It was to "G" at around 11:30pm while I was snoring next to her. There isn't much to say about the content, other than it was some very tame pics she sent him. What got me was the sign-off. She ended that email with "sweet dreams". It's not much at first glance, but its something I'm not accustomed to her saying to many people. In a way, it might be her way of flirting in an email that really has no sexual content otherwise.

I guess what what bothers me (or is it turning me on?) is the fact that she hasn't told me about it so far today. I don't want to become one of those husbands who combs through his wife's email, so I'll probably tell her about her "security breach" tonight. And that will keep me from spying on her.  "G" did reply to her, and apparently attempted to engage her on google's chat. It doesn't appear that they chatted while I slept last night, but again, I don't know whether that turns me on or bothers me. The same goes with her not telling me.  We'll see what the night brings.

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