Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Perception is Everything

Home from work. Downtown on my way to work, I drove by the spot where I usually pick her up from work. It turns out, it is was the same spot he would pick her up for their "outings". They had sex in the parkade of another.

In the past, Rebecca and I had drinks in a bar of one of major hotels in town. She had told me back then that her and G had met for drinks and flirted here in the past. I used to drive by and smile at the thought. It's funny how the same action can yield two different results.

It became the hotel where they first shared a room. It could have been different if she included me in her thoughts. Now I know this is where she kept her secrets. It's their hotel now. I'll have to avoid it in the foreseeable future.

Hopefully the mellow drama will stop coming to mind.


  1. It's tough. So she confessed to everything except the reason why she did it? Maybe she just doesn't know herself.

  2. I'm sure it hurts, but hang in there. Process, but don't blame yourself. Try to come to a resolve - whatever that may be. Best wishes.