Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't Anyone Panic

I can't explain it now, but we're too strong for this to be a long term problem. A good night in front of the fire.


  1. I will sleep better tonight, honestly I will. Thanks for giving us this hopeful post!

  2. I feel happy with this possible ending. All in all, nobody is perfect, though you thought R was. Now you (and us) see she is not, maybe it´s better this knowledge, more close to reality, more human. If you can forgive her, your relationship can assume a new step. I hope so.
    I love your blog
    Huge Hug (MR)

  3. So glad to read this. Maybe this isn't the ideal way to begin a journey into the hotwife lifestyle or whatever you want to call it, but, it is a start. I hope that you both can now get on the same path.

    When you found out, the feeling must have been painful. However, maybe there was a tiny bit of arousal? If so, embrace that part of it and use that to make your relationship stronger.

    Genuine best wishes!