Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Pretty Good Night

The Christmas party was a hit, as was Rebecca. It was pretty early in the season, but this was the only weekend that worked for everyone. We hired a great catering duo, a husband and wife who cooked and chatted with the crowd.

During the day I was having a bit of a hard time, and Rebecca has been insisting that I tell her when I have a bad thought. I told her I don't need to bother her with every little negative thing, but she kept asking me to let her hear the pain. This was right before the caterers were arriving as we changed our clothes. She was putting her panties away, and I actually had to look away. I know it's dumb. She asked and I told her. There were things all day that tweaked my memory. Songs, underwear, her dress, her perfect ass while she was changing.. This led to her crying again before the party. Throughout all of this, she has cried a lot. I've been more brooding than anything, but I'm starting to understand that she is being harder on herself about this than I am.

I wasn't in a party mood, so I had low expectations.

She looked amazing in a sweater dress, which was just shear enough to show the outline of her ass through it. During the evening, we were very touchy. She is an amazing hostess. Several times she would come up to me, put her arms around me and whisper in my ear.

I couldn't resist her charm. She would brush my ass with her hand, or push her ass back towards me and discretely grind as we chatted with the guests.

Her charm wasn't limited to me. Two of the younger men (boyfriend/fianc├ęs of two of my female staff) really enjoyed talking to her. Nothing crazy, just her making everyone feel comfortable chatting. She was the hottest woman in the group, even though half the group was at least ten years younger.

At one point, she was standing, talking with one of the guys, her arm around him. It was pretty innocent, but it made me look around to see if anyone else noticed or cared. She pulled me over to her and kissed me. I can't explain how much my mood improved over the evening.

Here I was, hosting a party, and the most beautiful woman in the crowd keeps teasing me, all the while telling me how much she needs me.

At one point, my administrator, a savvy and very direct woman in her mid sixties, whispered to Rebecca that she would take over hostess duties if we wanted to slip upstairs for fifteen minutes. We never took her up on the offer, although it was tempting.

We eventually got everyone out of the house around 3am and headed to bed. We spent most of the next hour all over each other's bodies. I have to say it was amazing. She's become very open in bed. She was quite vocal and makes sure she is getting what she wants. The memories are spotty, but I remember devouring each other in a 69 after we had cum together once. It's at times like that, the knowledge she's been with another man just adds fuel to my fire. It's strange how it works.

This morning we followed up with another round, with her telling me I could get the rabbit vibe from her bedside table. She came while riding me as I moved the vibrator slowly back and forth against her. I know it's weird, but because I now know she gave G blowjobs, I felt the need to reassert myself in that department. After she came, I moved up to her and she took me in her mouth. I kept going until I flooded her mouth. She swallowed and then kissed me as we came down from the high.

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