Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Wedding Hottie

I tweeted on our way to the wedding yesterday that I had asked Rebecca on our way what underwear she was wearing. Her reply was something to the effect of, "Nothing special. My black thong."

Over the thong, she had on a relatively short black skirt accompanied by her black stayups. I say "relatively" because her skirt was still very classy, almost conservative, except for the fact that I only had to slide it up a few inches before I saw the top of her stayups.

We met up with V and his date after the ceremony, and went for drinks until the reception started. V is in his late twenties, and we estimated his date to be pushing forty. He definitely has a thing for older women. Unfortunately, neither Rebecca nor I thought she was a catch. In my biased opinion, she was missing that certain something.

V and his date actually left quite early because she wasn't feeling well, so there's not much to write about in that respect. I'm not sure, but it probably didn't help that Rebecca was getting most of our attention at the table.

Once the music started, we were able to dance. It was quite hot to see Rebecca grinding and grooving to the music. I told her afterwards that I need to see her do that without the skirt on.

When we got home, we did have some pretty good action. I won't get into too many details, but she did seem to work hard to get me in as deep as possible. She usually finds it uncomfortable when I inadvertently bump into her cervix, but last night she actually made a point of angling her hips under me in order to make that happen. I was on top of her while she held my hips,and she literally used her cervix to repeatedly bump around my cock head. It felt amazing.

We're on the road today and were discussing "the fantasy". She maintains that people who go through with it can only "end bad", so in her mind, it would never happen. My opinion is it can end bad when a couple doesn't communicate with each other about how they feel as it unfolds.

She's not at a point where she could fathom having sex with someone she doesn't love. I'm sure at this point, she has had feelings of attraction for G particularly, but is too embarrassed to admit it, much less discuss it with me. That's fair enough, as my reaction in the past wouldn't exactly give her the confidence to do so. I'm just going to keep enjoying the woman she is, as well as the fact that I got to leave with the "wedding hottie".

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