Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things Just Got a Little Weirder

I forgot to post an update on what happened a couple of weeks ago when M and his wife came over for supper.

I guess there's not much to report. They came for supper, and stayed until around 2am. Around 1:00am, the subject of Rebecca's boudoir pictures came up, and with her permission, I grabbed the album.

I was sitting beside M's wife, so I went through the shots with her first. When we were done, Rebecca started going through them with M. I wasn't sure how far she would leaf through with him, but I didn't get the chance to find out. Part way through the book, while he was still in the tamer shots, his wife put the kibosh on it and said he shouldn't look at the rest, since it was making Rebecca uncomfortable. My take was that it was making his wife uncomfortable, and she shut him down. Of course, since then M hasn't stopped talking to Rebecca about it, wanting to see the rest...

Fast forward to today. Every year at this time, we take a weekend family trip with my parents (and sometimes my siblings and their families) to a nearby resort town. This year most of my family can't make it, aside from my parents and my brother and his wife.

Well, guess who told Rebecca who was booked into the same hotel? Yup, M and his wife. I guess the boudoir teaser was a bad idea after all. I think he's obsessed. I'm just not sure how he manages to stalk Rebecca with his wife in tow. (Just when you thought it couldn't get more complicated.) For those of you just tuning in, M is a relatively senior guy in her company, who, quite openly has the hots for Rebecca. She doesn't share those feelings.

I told her one day it will be interesting to see how she handles herself when she meets a guy she actually likes who pursues her this hard.

Oh well, the hot tub at the resort will be a happening place Saturday night.

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  1. can't wait to hear about the weekend