Thursday, May 10, 2012

Afternoon Delight

Today was pretty stressful, with a lot going on at work. Adding to my stress, I booked off the afternoon to pick up a trailer I will use to transport a hot tub.

As I drove back through downtown, I called Rebecca to see if she wanted a ride home. She hates the bus, so she jumped at the chance. When I picked her up, she was standing on the corner in her new skirt. When she got in, she told me I looked like a farmer in the truck and trailer combo. It must have looked a little incongruous to see a hot woman in a skirt jumping into a pickup.

When we got home we had about twenty minutes before the kids got home from school. I told her I needed a pic of her new skirt for the blog. We went up to our room so I could get a picture before she changed. She did a few quick poses, while I happily took some shots. After I snapped a few, she ran to the bathroom and I made the mistake of taking a work call from on my cell.

She returned to find me on my cell, so she knelt down in her new skirt and stayups, unzipped my fly and took me into her warm mouth. I was hard in an instant and found it difficult to concentrate on my conversation. I'm pretty sure the guy on the other line had no idea of my circumstance, because he droned on and on.. and on...

After several attempts, I was able to break off the conversation and attend to the beautiful woman pleasuring me. She pulled off her underwear and pulled me down on the bed. With her stayups and skirt still on, I started pumping her.

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure every man reading this will agree, there's something extremely hot about fucking a woman with her skirt hiked up, and her stayups still on.

After a little while, I rolled over and pointed my glistening cock in the air. She straddled me and lowered herself down. Again the sexiness of the skirt came into play as I looked down. I was deep inside her but couldn't see anything except her thighs and her skirt covering our midsections. I found myself wishing for a picture of that sight, but my phone had dropped to the floor at that point and there was no way I was going to stop to get it ( sorry).

All the while she had been gently teasing me by asking what I really wanted. Of course, in my mind the question had hotwife undertones, but I was too busy with the task at hand to give her an answer. In fact, she was supposed to have lunch with G today, and I think I was more disappointed than she was that they were both busy. This afternoon rendezvous more than made up for it.

We finished up, or more appropriately,I finished up and came deep inside her. We quickly got changed and made our way to the bus stop to get the kids.

I'm attaching the photos I took in our haste. I'm posting this from my phone, so I apologize for any weird formatting that occurs. Enjoy. I certainly did.

Now it's late evening, the kids are in bed, and Rebecca is at the office trying to finish a few things. I'm going to wrap this up, then try to get some work done myself. In the back of my mind, I'm secretly hoping she'll text to say she's been invited out for a drink....

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  1. She is too much! Whew! You are a lucky man!!!!!