Friday, May 25, 2012

A Long Weekend and a Short Week

Our long weekend was relatively uneventful as far as M was concerned. We managed to avoid him, while still enjoying the facility's hot tub. Action for us was limited for a couple of reasons. The first night, we were up in the loft of the condo unit, having ninja sex, when we heard my 70 year old dad roaming the kitchen and living room below. It took me back to when Rebecca and I had sex before we were married. There was a time her mom was snoring in the same room as us.

Rebecca's monthly visitor arrived on the second night, so things definitely calmed down. In fact, she wasn't comfortable going into the hot tub anymore, so it was up to me to take the kids. Grandma and Rebecca tagged along to watch. Coincidentally, there was a staggette or two going on at the same resort, so at one point, the women in the tub outnumbered the guys 5 to 1. I just looked at Rebecca and shrugged. Besides, I can honestly say Rebecca had all of them beat in the bikini department.

We arrived home Monday night, and have had a busy week at work, broken up by Tuesday when she gave me an amazing blowjob when we went to bed.

The week has been busy, hers coupled with the fact that M hasn't got the clue that she isn't at all interested. You would think that her ignoring his texts the previous weekend would have been a substantial hint.

Last night was the first night in a few days that we were able to have some time to ourselves. We made mojitos and chatted.

On the G front, she said he's traveling for work, and will be spending the weekend on his own in NYC. We talked about our trip there several years ago. She said she would love to go back someday to shop on 5th, run in Central Park, and go out at night to a martini bar. The mojito gave me a little courage, so I asked her what his schedule would be, and if she was interested in flying out to meet him. Of course she laughed it off, and said the timing doesn't work. Besides, she said, she said she wanted to go there with me. I replied that we could both fly out, and she could surprise him.

Unfortunately, I knew that even if she wanted to, she couldn't. We have too many things on this weekend, including a wedding to attend. Her other admirer, V, will be at our table with his date, so it will be interesting to see how he acts in front of Rebecca and her.

We went to bed and she was feeling effects of the mojito and the lack of satisfaction during the week. She climbed into bed with only her panties on, which I quickly removed for her.

Our conversation about NY continued with me inside her. I told her we would go out to a club, with her wearing a tight skirt. I told her that at the club I would send her to the washroom to remove her panties. I was surprised when she said that it was NYC, and the people there had likely seen it all, so she would take them off at the table. It was very hot to think about her being watched as she pulled her panties off. I slid out, then back in and suggested she would have to give her underwear to an admirer of her choice.

I described to her how we would head to the dance floor and dance while her admirer looked on. I told her that as we danced, I would hold on to her and slowly slide her skirt up her hips. I had to control myself as I visualized her skirt just high enough to see the base of her ass as she danced.

She felt amazing grinding under me and again I felt brave, so I told her that as we danced, I'd watch as her panty recipient came up and danced behind her, replacing my hands with his on her hips. I explained that as she danced, she occasionally would lean forward and kiss me, causing her ass to bump against him.

I was getting close to cumming, but I couldn't stop. I described how she eventually stopped moving away, and instead ground her ass against him, kissing me while she felt his hard cock between her ass cheeks.

Well, that did it for me. I exploded inside her. Fortunately, she wasn't far behind. She came a second or two after I started pulsing...


  1. How did she react after to your anonymous 'club threeway' discussion?

  2. How did she react after to your anonymous 'club threeway' discussion?

    It sounds like she came!

    Great post. Some day, it will happen. Rebecca has come a long way since you started this blog.