Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday Date Night (Epilogue)

Well, Rebecca did indeed go commando for our date night although it turns out she had something up her sleeve.

She led me to a bar we haven't been to in years to surprise me with my 40th birthday party. So, I was surrounded by family and friends for the evening, along with my pantiless wife.

Nothing crazy happened, but I did text one of my good friends in attendance that Rebecca was commando as she sat across from him. He's a great friend to both of us, and a bit of a player. He's never been married, so I thought I'd subtly let him know that things can still be exciting after you're married.

His response was "Nice!" We laughed at the fact that Rebecca had felt obligated to follow through with going commando, or risk giving away the surprise.

When we got home, she climbed into bed naked, but we actually didn't have action until this morning. We were both tired. Anyway, I've joined my beautiful wife on the downhill side of forty, and I'm looking forward to the next forty years with her.

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