Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saturday Night Drinks and Monday Takeout with V

Saturday Night

Saturday night Rebecca and I were over at a neighbor's house for a few drinks. It was one of those rare occasions when we both could have a few since we were within walking distance of home.

Several drinks into our discussion, Rebecca texted me from across the table, "Want to get lucky?" I immediately went to the kitchen and pounded back four glasses of water. I could feel my drunkenness start to overtake me and I needed to slow things down. It kind of worked.

Sex that night was a drunken blur. I do remember at one point she was riding me while I told her quite clearly how I wanted to see another man fuck her. All the filters were off. I vaguely remember her repeating back something about having another man's cock in her, then gasping that she was "very close".

I woke up at 8:00 the next morning with a wicked headache and hangover. It hurt to move my head at all. I painfully went downstairs and looked for relief, but only found some children's Tylenol. Desperate as I was, I had a shooter of the pink liquid and went back to bed. When I woke up around 10:00, I actually felt quite refreshed. I made a mental note about the children's Tylenol.

Monday Takeout with V

Last night I had to work late to meet a deadline. I was getting ready to leave the office at 9:00, when Rebecca texted to say V was bringing takeout over. I have to say that nothing seems to phase me anymore. I just replied "ok", and I'll see her soon.

She had been texting him throughout the day/evening. When he mentioned he was out for dinner with some friends, Rebecca joked that he should bring her/us some takeout. He agreed before she could take it back.

When he arrived, we were finally introduced. I liked him. He was quite genuine, and the food was good. Rebecca gave him a tour of the house while I stayed downstairs and cleaned up. Now I'd like to say I went upstairs and watched them have sex through a partially open bedroom door, but this isn't a porn movie. They came back downstairs after the tour, and we had a cup of tea with V. We talked for awhile, and they made plans to meet in the morning to work out.

When he left we thanked him for the food, and Rebecca gave him a hug at the door. It was then I realized that we just had a guy at our house who has openly lusted after Rebecca. She more or less invited him into our house, showed him around, and then hugged him as he was leaving. I realize this is minor, but I found the simple step of bringing him to our house to meet me very bold of her and quite erotic.

When we went to bed, I immediately kissed her and slid her panties off. She already was topless and her nipples were stiffening as I pushed inside her. I whispered that she was so hot, and she asked me why.

I replied, "You know why." Rebecca seemed to want to hear it.

"Tell me", she said. I pumped her slowly and replied,"You're going to make me tell you?"

"Yes", was her answer. I had to slow down, so I withdrew until only the head of my cock was inside her. I slowly moved my hips back and forth allowing only the tip and head of my cock to penetrate her.

"It was hot that you invited him over to our house." I answered. Every few strokes, I would go deep.

"Can I go on top?" she asked. This is when I know she's getting close. I rolled over and she sat down on my cock. She sat up, straddling me, grinding.

"You know you can invite anyone you want over, even if I'm not here." I told her. "Maybe when I take the kids fishing, when you have the house to yourself." she kept grinding with her eyes closed.

"You could just tell me afterwards that he was here.", I offered. I'm not sure what or who she was thinking about, but it wasn't long before she gasped and started twitching as she came. I followed close behind, shooting deep into my innocent, sexy wife.


  1. Whoa!!! Amazing!! This seems to be quite a step in the right direction!

  2. Slow and steady... I love the pace of things with you and Rebecca. This is so going to happen.

  3. Reading this makes me so hard!

    P.S. You still have not told me what EQ means?

  4. Great post. Found the Children's Motrin (in our case) to be a good substitute.

    Hot story.

    Love the pace, too. Sometimes I think it's the wanting it more than the having it that is the key. Desire is about what you don't have.

    Jay, if I recall the post, it was emotional intelligence quotient that he was referring to, which is just a measure of how well people can pick up on other people's emotions.

  5. Ahhhh.... it all seems so obvious now ;)