Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Thirty Second Conversation

It's funny how so much can be said in a thirty second conversation. Well, to be fair, it actually started last night as I gave Rebecca a short massage. We were discussing whether or not she would meet G this Thursday evening. He has a get together with a number of old classmates, and he has invited her along. 

Now Rebecca has made it ultra clear to me that she has no desire to do anything physical with him, or anyone else, other than me. That's fine with me, but I told her last night that it bothered me more that she wanted to go out for his company vs the physical attraction. I guess the physical part is something I can accept, even want for her; it's the emotional part I can't handle.

She assured me that I am her only love, so I had to ask her directly what exactly would she get out of this.

Her answer stayed with me until the morning, and it seems to make some sense. She said she gets an ego boost. From that simple answer, I can start to understand her a little better. She used to flirt quite a bit in her college days, often chatting up several guys in the same short time frame. I'm sure the attention makes her feel sexy and desirable, even if she has no intention to "cheat".

Driving in to work this morning, I told her if going out with him gave her an ego boost, and I was the one to benefit, I really can't complain. I also told her (for the record) that I don't consider her making out with someone "cheating" if we discuss it and I'm fully aware of it. Her usual response is to say how she considers anything like that cheating, etc, etc.

This time, she caught me a little by surprise by saying she would tell me if they made out. As we crossed the bridge to downtown, she thought aloud how it would be weird because it's been almost twenty years since she kissed another man.

She might just be pushing my buttons but as we approached her building, she felt for my erection. She laughed as she felt my hardness through my pant leg. It's typically not a good thing when a woman laughs as she feels your cock, but in this case I'll let it slide. 


  1. Does she still read this blog?

  2. this is a great blog - i feel like i'm going through this process myself - keep it up