Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Paths

It's been almost a week since I posted, and although I don't have a lot to jot down, I do have a few random thoughts. I did go through a short phase of jealousy, over exactly what I'm not sure. My jealous thoughts seem to stem from the fear that I might one day lose Rebecca to someone else, G in particular. She still refuses to acknowledge that there is anything there, but she told me he has invited her out for either Tuesday or Thursday this week. I suppose she is looking for my blessing in some way or another. 

The last thing I want is for her to go out and/or do something because of what I want her to do (or what she thinks I want her to do.) I really don't want the burden of her resenting me for that. I had a bit of an epiphany the other day, realizing that anything she does moving forward has to be on her own accord. She already knows my feelings on the subject, so I'll leave it up to her.

On the subject of my thoughts, I want to write some of them down her to clarify a few things. First of all, my  preferred path to exploring her sexuality would be in the form of a male/female/male threesome, so I could be a part of her pleasure, and so we keep experiencing things as a couple. I guess I saw an opening with her and G, so I let her explore the dating side without totally realizing how I would feel. Although, I'm not cuckold material, I would be okay with her dating as long as the players involved knew that I knew. If that makes any sense. 

I guess when I started this fantasy, I saw myself as a husband of a hot wife, and not a cuckold. The key to this is that I would expect anyone who dated my wife to respect our relationship, and to be thankful for the opportunity to spend time with such a remarkable woman. In the case of G, he doesn't know I know, so right now there is zero chance he'll respect our relationship. With the perception of the cheating wife scenario, it's quite likely that he would do the opposite. 

Finally, on the note of the m/f/m thought; I wrote it that way because I have no desire to "interact" physically with another man. (as opposed to mmf) My desires are completely centered around pleasing my wife and seeing her pleasured. As I said, my altered path came from the opportunity that presented itself with G, and the thought I had that Rebecca needed some "privacy" away from her husband to explore these thoughts.

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  1. It is interesting to see how attitudes change over time and with experience. Before I was comfortable in my bisexuality I had this same internal debate about what I could handle, or the limits I needed in sharing my wife. For instance, I was only interested in the strict sharing type MFM. Two guys pleasuring one female (my wife) with absolutely no MM contact at all. I also did not want any kissing between them; that was something for just my wife and I. And finally, I had to be present.

    The first to go out the window was me being present. During our first threesome, my buddy had some issues of performing in front of me. He asked if he could have a few minutes alone with my wife. I looked at her and she was okay with it, so I left the room for maybe ten minutes. The excitement of not knowing what was happening was incredible!

    The second to go was kissing. We had another partner after our first FB moved on and one night when he was leaving, my wife walked him to the door. She was still nude and he was full y dressed. I was wondering what was taking so long so I peeked around the door to find them making out like teenagers after a date with he front door open. My wife nude, French kissing another man where any neighbor up at midnight could have watched. I stood there with such a renewed erection that when she finally returned to bed, I had to fuck her for a 3rd time that night.

    The MM contact came with that same guy. We loosened up a bit and let things happen. MFM's don't make you gay, but if you have any propensity for male to male contact, it could happen!

    I guess my long winded point is, feelings you have now can change once you have some experience down this road. Don't be shocked.