Thursday, June 9, 2011


Things have kind of ground to a halt on the HW/ G front. He still emails her daily, but her and I talked and she really has no interest in pursuing anything with him for a couple of reasons.

First, and maybe most importantly, she has said over and over that she only wants me. How can I argue with that? As much as it turns me on to think of her cutting loose, I'm very happy knowing I satisfy my wife (on several levels.)

Secondly, she said the last thing she wants is for him to do something crazy like fall for her. She doesn't want the to be a tipping point in his troubled marriage. I told her  I believe he's already infatuated with her. As long as she keeps meeting for coffee and drinks, he'll have his hopes up. I believe she either has to stop talking to/ seeing him, or she needs to come clean with her "special" situation as it relates to me.

If she were able to do that, he may just loosen up and realize he can have his cake and eat it too.

Speaking of sweets, here's a shot of Rebecca getting ready for work in the morning. I'm a big fan of the "stay-ups". She still has the Mexico tan-lines. Next trip we'll have to leave the kids at home so she can get an even tan.

Edit: The irony of the situation just hit me after I re-read this. It's knowledge that she loves me that gives me comfort in offering her this freedom. If we were missing something as a couple, I'm not sure I would be as open to her interacting with other men. 

The more she tells me I'm her one and only, the more I relax about (and desire) the idea of her enjoying the company of another man. So far, I just don't understand why.


  1. Holy cow. I swear I revisit your blog more than my own let alone anyone elses. Too many things catch me the right way, its like it's just too much fun I think to see it all play out. It's like a good soap opera that I need to pop some popcorn before I read each new post, then this time I get treated to a very lovely picture. Back and forth, will she or wont she, will he or wont he, here is super hot pic, she only wants me, hear me roar, I know she loves me because I set her free and she came back, now more than ever I wish she would take a guy and look me in the eyes while she slowly slides down on his cock, lol, ok-ok, im getting a little carried away, but hell, im just filling in the blanks a Keep up the good work!

  2. She is really fucking good looking. She is hot and delicious (yes, I first introduced that word to this blog). What did she wear on top. That is such a naughty ensemble underneath.

  3. So smoking hot. While I genuinely understand the desire to share her, my God, you have got something special with her - and not just her fabulous body. That is a woman who really loves you.

  4. Thanks for the comments, boys. Yes, I do love my husband. If you think I'm hot, you should see him.


  5. Nah - we would rather see you :)

    I am like Husband of the Hotwife - I visit this blog more than any other including my own! I also feel like making popcorn and getting comfy before opening the blog up! Please don't freak us out by dissapearing again! And the pic...OMG!

  6. Did I mention she has a sense of humour?

  7. I have read the whole blog - sense of humour, intelligent, OMG effing hot-as-I-hold-my-breath-when-looking-at-her-picture, a touch of sophistication, very classy, knows what she wants, yet still very keen on making sure he knows how much she loves him. What I want to know is, deep down, does she have a craving for a different man to claim her now that the idea is open on the table, will she open up about that to him, and does she have any idea how much power she has over Slider in the bedroom?

    I mean, this has been off-limits to even think about to her up until now, I mean, she could have thought it, but it never would have happened, but now, given a solid bond between him and her with some great communication, does she have thoughts running through her mind about the possibility? She wont or can't say anything too soon she things, just my guess this early, and Slider needs even more time to really get a strong grip on the ball here on how he would like to see the play ran/how things might go down, but, if she had no repercussions, a full-blown 'Hall Pass' where everything went back to normal for this first time, does she think of this and do the thoughts get her off a little? Say yes and all your readers will fall out of their chair right now, including Slider, HAHAHAH! Say no, and we all go back to munching on popcorn waiting for the next scene on hopes she says yes....

    Let me know when the 'Yes' is coming and everything you can tell us about your thoughts of being claimed by another man, being desired as he cant help but thrust his cock into you because his instincts overwhelm him being so close to a woman such as yourself. To hear your thoughts on what turns the whole scene/encounter/evening hot for you would not only drive us nuts, but give you and Slider some great communication openings on things. Ccan we listen in??? please??? lol

  8. I have the same question as my esteemed colleague, Husband of the Hotwife. We can recognize the why you wouldn't do it, and respect the reasons, particularly that you want your husband and you love him. Having said all that, this must do something for you, R, or you wouldn't keep going with the flirting with G. Am I wrong? Are you doing this all to please Slider? I don;t think any of us are trying to push you along, but curious about what is in that head. I'm also curious as to seeing more pics of that luscious yummy mummy bod.

  9. Wow, Rebecca! What a sexy and beautiful photo! I can see why your husband lusts after you.