Friday, June 3, 2011

The Full Package

Well, Rebecca went out last night with G, and I get the impression things have cooled a bit. He asked her when they were at the lounge what time she needed to be home. She took the opportunity to tell him there wasn't any rush, since I knew she was out with him. She said he reacted in disbelief. He said I must be very open minded. She told him I was okay with it because I love her and trust her.

I would have preferred she said that I trust her to make her own decisions about these type of things, because I think her statement could be construed as slamming the door on him (which she may well have intended). 

They talked throughout the evening about work, some sex and home life. My initial impression is he had fallen for her (he told her she was the "total package") and her reiterating her love for me, slammed that door on him. I actually do prefer it this way. The last thing I wanted out of all this was someone trying to woo my wife away from me. At least moving forward, (if it does at all) he'll understand where he sits in all this.

I think our relationship has also served as a foil to his unhappy marriage. If I was him, and I met a woman like her, I would be very depressed to know that the  perfect relationship  is out there and I didn't have it. 

Now, on the contrary, I am a very happy man. My wife loves me and has professed that love to a man she went on a date with. It must have hit him like a cold shower.
I'm not sure where we go from here, other than I'm going to continue enjoying my wife. She is amazing. I still think there's an opportunity for G if he can temper his expectations. Apparently, he hasn't had sex for almost ten months. I'd be ready to explode. 

To be fair to him, Rebecca didn't leave room for much interpretation. If he knew  that I was cool with her having fun, he might think differently  She's been consistent, saying nothing will happen, and nothing has. But ten months? Even I feel bad for the guy.

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  1. Since he knows that you know... perhaps it is time for him to come over for dinner and get to know you too. You never know where that could lead...