Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Off to Mexico

My wife and I have booked a trip to the Mayan Riviera, leaving this Saturday morning. The kids will be staying with my parents, so this will be our first beach vacation as a couple since our honeymoon 13 years ago. Our actual anniversary was last Monday, but we decided we would postpone celebrating it until this Saturday, when we would be at the resort.

I still find myself daydreaming about this "hotwife" thing. I'm not expecting any major steps for her, since I think we're on a little bit of a holding pattern in that respect. She was relatively clear a couple of weeks ago that she's not that type of woman. Although, certain little comments and actions of hers make me wonder. One thing she did was she scheduled a wax at the place where our friend "C" has hers done. I had forgot about her "promise" to get it done for a Mexico trip. I'm not sure what she'll get done in the way of hair removal, but I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever she does.

There have been other little things to make me think she's loosening up a bit, and maybe a week away from the kids will give her the space she needs to step it up a notch. I've been a bit obsessed reading blogs and forums relating to HWing. One thing I've learned from my "research" is that you can't push too hard. I know this is the case for my wife as well. We'll have fun in the sun, but I don't expect any breakthroughs. I'll settle for some time alone with my newly waxed wife!

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