Wednesday, June 2, 2010

People Watching

We talked last week in bed abit about the "hotwife" thing. I danced around the topic a little and said I wouldn't want her to sleep with someone else, but I like the idea of a little harmless flirting. She didn't express an opinion either way about it, but I wasn't looking for anything definite. I just wanted to let her know what I thought about it.

Just the other day, she mentioned that while she was waiting to meet a friend for lunch, she was "people watching". I didn't think about it right away, and even now I'm not sure what she meant. She did say in her own cute way that there was no one there who caught her eye. I think it was something like "there are a lot of unattractive people in the world". Our mutual response is "but somebody loves them."

I've been thinking since then that in order to be attracted to someone, she needs to talk to them. Unlike men, I think she (and probably most women) don't initially want to fuck someone at first sight... Although, when we met (20 years ago) she always says she saw me and liked me, but I think it was my drunken charm that wooed her.

Assuming she would have to talk with another man to develop an attraction, I guess I'd have to be okay with her becoming attracted to another man. I have the feeling that anything that does develop won't just be anonymous, that a "real" relationship may form. That thought worries me a little.

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