Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking Her Out

I have been thinking that my wife needs a night out. I've written about how she is selfless when it comes to our family, and how she sometimes needs a push to do something for herself. I've been thinking lately of recruiting a friend of ours to take her out for a girls' night. This woman is the mother of our daughter's best friend and she has a bit of a wild side to her. She may be the perfect one to bring my wife out of her shell. I have the feeling after recently talking to "C" (as I'll refer to her), that C is in need of a night out as well. My wife and I have talked recently that C is the "Alpha" in her relationship with her husband. She never shies away from talking about sex, and we often joke between the four of us that we have to get together regularly for the "dirty talk".

I remember when the families first got together at our house. We had invited C and "K" (her husband) over for supper one weekend. After supper the kids disappeared upstairs to play while we all drank wine on the main floor. I don't recall exactly what we discussed, but I recall it all revolved around sex. I ran into C the next week at the school, and she commented on our discussion, laughing how her and K were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable we all were with the "sex talk".

Anyway, my thought is to have C go out one evening with my wife to show her a wilder time than she would have on her own. I can see C pushing the envelope a bit, if for no other reason to watch the reaction of my shy wife. I have even toyed with the idea of telling C my thoughts on "sharing" my wife. Of all the people we know, she would be the most understanding. In reality, I won't say too much, because C does gossip a lot about other couples to us, so I can only assume she'd talk about us as well. I'll have to figure out a way to do it more discreetly.

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