Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Commando to Work and Back

I asked my wife to wear her black/Dark Grey skirt to work. It's knee-length and fits nicely to her lovely compact ass. I also added the request that she let me hold her underwear in the car when I drop her off. I told her it's up to her when she puts them back on, but I politely requested she have them off when I picked her up at 5:00. We texted a couple of times during the day:

Me: Are you fully clothed?
Her: Have to otherwise I'd be drippy.

I picked her up at 5:00. I was having a stressful, busy day, so I almost neglected to check. As I drove home, I reached my hand under her skirt and made my way up her thigh until I confirmed that she had taken them back off.

Epilogue: I saw her black panties on the floor of the bathroom later that evening. They looked like they had been drenched all day....

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