Monday, June 7, 2010

More on "c" as a hotwife

This past Saturday, we stopped over at C and K's place for a drink. We
were on their back patio, and of course the topic of sex came up. C
mention that K, her husband had a favourite saying. It was something
about what women wanted at various ages.
In their 20's, it was fun.
In their 30's, it was kids.
In their 40's, money and jewelry.
In their 50's, it was a big cock.

He wanted to get a t-shirt made up. By the way, we're all in our late
thirties/ early forties.

C went on to jokingly suggest that my wife should have a couple of
boyfriends on the side .C said to me in the same breath "You wouldn't
mind, would you?"

I don't think she realized how close to the mark she was.

On Sunday, she and the kids came over for supper while K begged off
sick. During this time she was complaining how K wasn't used to going
bareback and since he had his vasectomy, his stamina wasn't up to par.
My wife and I had mentioned how I had come twice In a row the other
night. Needless to say, this intrigued C. She said K hasn't done that
since they were teenagers.

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