Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Good Night

"IH" and I had a long bath after the kids went to bed. We were able to talk more than we've been able to in the last week. We talked about our sex life, what turned us on and off, etc. We got around to the topic that's been on my mind for the last while, and she told me how she isn't interested in any other men. As I have always known, she doesn't get attracted physically right away to someone. She has be attracted to a man's mind first. Traits she identified are cockiness vs. arrogance, and overall confidence. She has always been proud of her limited sex life.

She has always told me that, although I wasn't her first, she doesn't count the first guy she was with due to his limited size. I asked her how small, and she said "very". To the point where she said she doubts that it would be possible to do it from behind.

We chatted in the tub about K's T-shirt suggestion (see Monday June 7th post). I told her that although she doesn't have any urges right now, that if she developed them in the future, that it was alright to talk to me about them. Preferably before she acted.

The water in the tub started going cold, so we got out and had some amazing "action" as she calls it. For a bit of a change, she did all the talking. She told me how she wanted to meet me at lunch for quickie. She said she would be wearing a skirt and crotch-less panties, and she would be freshly waxed. She said she wanted me to take her without removing her clothes, by just slipping in through the slit in her underwear. As we made love, she told me she would go back to work full of cum, and use her "rabbit" under her desk to make herself cum again.

I love a good story.

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