Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Off to Mexico

My wife and I have booked a trip to the Mayan Riviera, leaving this Saturday morning. The kids will be staying with my parents, so this will be our first beach vacation as a couple since our honeymoon 13 years ago. Our actual anniversary was last Monday, but we decided we would postpone celebrating it until this Saturday, when we would be at the resort.

I still find myself daydreaming about this "hotwife" thing. I'm not expecting any major steps for her, since I think we're on a little bit of a holding pattern in that respect. She was relatively clear a couple of weeks ago that she's not that type of woman. Although, certain little comments and actions of hers make me wonder. One thing she did was she scheduled a wax at the place where our friend "C" has hers done. I had forgot about her "promise" to get it done for a Mexico trip. I'm not sure what she'll get done in the way of hair removal, but I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever she does.

There have been other little things to make me think she's loosening up a bit, and maybe a week away from the kids will give her the space she needs to step it up a notch. I've been a bit obsessed reading blogs and forums relating to HWing. One thing I've learned from my "research" is that you can't push too hard. I know this is the case for my wife as well. We'll have fun in the sun, but I don't expect any breakthroughs. I'll settle for some time alone with my newly waxed wife!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Recap

I had the most exhausting day I've had in a long time. It started with a 17km run with C at 8:00am. She had invited either my wife and I to join her, as it was going to be a slow, long run. I told IH she should go because it would be a nice slow pace, and she didn't have to do the full 17km. I think that running with C intimidated her a bit, so I ended up taking her place. I picked up C in the morning and we did a new stretch of path for me. We talked the whole way, with her doing the majority of it. Topics included sex, childbirth, kids etc. She did say something which concerned me a bit. She said that if she had it all to do over, she would reconsider getting married and having kids. Her and K must be having a few issues.

At home, IH and the kids met me at the door with cards and gifts. The kids were quite excited to have me open everything. I received a one hour massage certificate, (I'm no metro-sexual, but I do like my massages) as well as a new BBQ. We got our current BBQ as a wedding present, so soon it'll be 13 years old.

After the gift opening, I had a long shower, came down to breakfast, and then set out with my task for the day of planting trees. On Saturday, I had purchased two Schubert Chokecherries and a Columnar Aspen. The Schuberts were quite large, and difficult to handle, not to mention the holes I had to dig and the clay soil I had to get rid of after they were in place. By five Sunday afternoon, I had it all complete, and I was exhausted. I was thinking afterwards that I probably could have done without the 17km run. IH was out there helping as usual, while the kids played in the sprinkler and hung out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Good Night

"IH" and I had a long bath after the kids went to bed. We were able to talk more than we've been able to in the last week. We talked about our sex life, what turned us on and off, etc. We got around to the topic that's been on my mind for the last while, and she told me how she isn't interested in any other men. As I have always known, she doesn't get attracted physically right away to someone. She has be attracted to a man's mind first. Traits she identified are cockiness vs. arrogance, and overall confidence. She has always been proud of her limited sex life.

She has always told me that, although I wasn't her first, she doesn't count the first guy she was with due to his limited size. I asked her how small, and she said "very". To the point where she said she doubts that it would be possible to do it from behind.

We chatted in the tub about K's T-shirt suggestion (see Monday June 7th post). I told her that although she doesn't have any urges right now, that if she developed them in the future, that it was alright to talk to me about them. Preferably before she acted.

The water in the tub started going cold, so we got out and had some amazing "action" as she calls it. For a bit of a change, she did all the talking. She told me how she wanted to meet me at lunch for quickie. She said she would be wearing a skirt and crotch-less panties, and she would be freshly waxed. She said she wanted me to take her without removing her clothes, by just slipping in through the slit in her underwear. As we made love, she told me she would go back to work full of cum, and use her "rabbit" under her desk to make herself cum again.

I love a good story.

Monday, June 7, 2010

More on "c" as a hotwife

This past Saturday, we stopped over at C and K's place for a drink. We
were on their back patio, and of course the topic of sex came up. C
mention that K, her husband had a favourite saying. It was something
about what women wanted at various ages.
In their 20's, it was fun.
In their 30's, it was kids.
In their 40's, money and jewelry.
In their 50's, it was a big cock.

He wanted to get a t-shirt made up. By the way, we're all in our late
thirties/ early forties.

C went on to jokingly suggest that my wife should have a couple of
boyfriends on the side .C said to me in the same breath "You wouldn't
mind, would you?"

I don't think she realized how close to the mark she was.

On Sunday, she and the kids came over for supper while K begged off
sick. During this time she was complaining how K wasn't used to going
bareback and since he had his vasectomy, his stamina wasn't up to par.
My wife and I had mentioned how I had come twice In a row the other
night. Needless to say, this intrigued C. She said K hasn't done that
since they were teenagers.

Testing the emailed blog update..

It just occured to me last night, that our friend "c" may be a hotwife

More on that thought and its implications later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Crack in the Armor

I'm not sure if I'm just being optimistic, but it seems that my wife may have a connection with a coworker. Twice in the last two days, she has mentioned the same director at work. Today seemed the most relevant. We were sitting on the couch trying to have a conversation while the kids bounced around. She had her legs up in the air a bit as she wrestled with our son, and I commented on how nice her jeans looked.

Without really mentioning my comment, she went off on a "tangent" on how at work, a departmental director (not hers) invited her over to his office to say hi because he knew she was in going to a meeting on his floor. She had told me today how they had talked earlier this week. She mentioned he is married with newborn twins. It seems that they seem to get along quite well.

Maybe I over-analyse things, but within ten minutes of her telling me about him, I have already determined that he may be a good candidate for her to practice her flirting with. He's married, so there's no way she would do anything with him and she seems to be somewhat attracted to him. We'll have to call him "G" to keep some level of privacy. We'll keep an eye on this.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking Her Out

I have been thinking that my wife needs a night out. I've written about how she is selfless when it comes to our family, and how she sometimes needs a push to do something for herself. I've been thinking lately of recruiting a friend of ours to take her out for a girls' night. This woman is the mother of our daughter's best friend and she has a bit of a wild side to her. She may be the perfect one to bring my wife out of her shell. I have the feeling after recently talking to "C" (as I'll refer to her), that C is in need of a night out as well. My wife and I have talked recently that C is the "Alpha" in her relationship with her husband. She never shies away from talking about sex, and we often joke between the four of us that we have to get together regularly for the "dirty talk".

I remember when the families first got together at our house. We had invited C and "K" (her husband) over for supper one weekend. After supper the kids disappeared upstairs to play while we all drank wine on the main floor. I don't recall exactly what we discussed, but I recall it all revolved around sex. I ran into C the next week at the school, and she commented on our discussion, laughing how her and K were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable we all were with the "sex talk".

Anyway, my thought is to have C go out one evening with my wife to show her a wilder time than she would have on her own. I can see C pushing the envelope a bit, if for no other reason to watch the reaction of my shy wife. I have even toyed with the idea of telling C my thoughts on "sharing" my wife. Of all the people we know, she would be the most understanding. In reality, I won't say too much, because C does gossip a lot about other couples to us, so I can only assume she'd talk about us as well. I'll have to figure out a way to do it more discreetly.

The Massage Fantasy

Last night I asked my lovely wife if she felt like a massage when we went to bed. She loves being massaged, so I took the opportunity to work on my (our) fantasy a little. After she got ready for bed, I greeted her in our dressing room which connects our bedroom and ensuite. I put on my "masseur" persona and asked her to lie on the bed face down. She was only wearing panties so I covered her legs and ass, and attempted to remain professional by asking her what, if anything she wanted to have worked on. She replied she would like her shoulders, legs and ass massaged. (As her husband, I know she loves having her ass massaged.)

I told her that I'm not usually comfortable massaging a client's ass, but we'll see how it goes. As I poured oil onto my hands, I told her that I like to make conversation with my clients and that I hoped she wouldn't mind. I worked on her shoulders and back while we discussed our "remarkably" similar family lives. We both have two kids (a boy and girl),etc. I told her she was in remarkable shape for two kids. Her body is slim and taut. I mentioned how my wife is very similar to her and how I enjoy it when other men take notice.

I told her how my wife had been "people watching" and that she believed there are a lot of unattractive people out there. As I worked my way down her back, alternating between deep hard strokes and lighter soft caresses, I told her how I believe my wife is the type who needs to talk to someone before she can develop any sort of attraction.

I worked down her back and arrived at the top of her panties peeking out from under the covers. I told her that I was ready to work on her ass, but I'd need to remove her underwear. Still laying on her stomach, she lifted her bum in the air and allowed me to slide them down her beautiful legs. I threw her panties on empty side of the bed and dripped some oil onto the cheeks of her ass.

As I enjoyed my time touching her, I asked her what she thought her husband would think of her being massaged like this. She replied that she thought he wouldn't like it very much. I told her I disagreed and that the thought of another man looking at and touching her ass would probably turn her husband on.

I finished her glutes and worked my way down each leg. She gently parted her legs so I could reach the inside of her thighs. Every so often, I would allow my hand to drift to her warmth between her legs. I didn't touch her pussy, I just felt its heat.

When I finished her legs and feet, I asked her to turn over so I could complete her massage by doing her front. She turned over and exposed her wonderful breasts to me. Before I headed up there, though, I stayed below her waist and finished working the oil into her thigh muscles. Although the room was dark, I could see her neatly trimmed bush as it formed that lovely "v" pointing down to her ever so slightly protruding lips.

I asked her if I could massage her breasts for her and she nodded so I poured oil over each mound and slowly worked it into the smooth skin. I stayed to the outside of each breast , working my oil around, but not touching either nipple. As I watched her nipples grow and harden with my touch, I was overwhelmed with the urge to take them into my mouth. Since her eyes were closed, I allowed myself to bring my lips within a fraction of an inch of each nipple. I could almost feel their hardness through the sliver of air between my lips and them. I'm sure she could feel my breath on her, but she kept her eyes closed and played coy.

When I finished her chest, I brought my head up to her face so we were inches apart and began to massage her forehead. I worked my way down, around her eyes and massaged her cheeks. Finally, I arrived at her lips. Her lips are the perfect blend of fullness and form, so I told her to keep her eyes closed because I had a special method of massaging her lips. I leaned forward and gently kissed her. I then took my mouth and lightly flicked, kissed and sucked my way around her mouth. I started on the bottom of her mouth and worked my way around, occasionally letting my tongue glide into her mouth to caress hers.

When I was done, I expressed my opinion to her that her husband would be very turned on by her allowing her to be massaged so intimately. She didn't object. I told her the massage was complete, but since she was a little cold from being exposed to the bedroom air, I offered to warm her up in a very special way. I didn't wait for permission, I just removed my clothes and climbed on top of her. I pulled the sheets over us and began kissing her again.

There was second or two delay in her opening her legs before she allowed me between her thighs. When she did open up, I could feel her warmth against my hard cock. I didn't give her any time to reconsider as I pressed my hardness deep insider her with a couple of quick thrusts. She let out a couple of quick gasps and a small moan as I bottomed out inside her.

I told her that her husband would go crazy with lust once she told him she had my hard cock inside her. As I slowly started to pump her, I told her I wanted her to go home after this, go to her husband and climb on top of him. I told her I wanted her to tell him about the entire massage, including how it felt to have another man's cock inside her.

She was getting extremely wet and turned on as I picked up the pace of the pumping. I think it was knowing she was so turned on by this fantasy that got me very close to the edge of exploding. When my cock twitched inside her she said she could feel it. I told her we needed to slow it down a little. I also mentioned that I have been "snipped", so if she chose, I could come inside of her. I told her as I resumed pumping her that when she arrived home and climbed on top of her husband's cock, he would feel our wetness as he pumped her.

After awhile of grinding against her, she whispered that she wanted to sit on top of me. It was then I rolled us over so we could resume with her on top.


I took this opportunity to assume the role of myself, having awoke to the feeling of my wife climbing on top of me in our bed. As she buried my cock inside of her and began to grind against me, I asked her what had come over her. As we kept grinding, I grabbed her ass and rocked her hips back and forth on mine. I could feel my leaking cock head as it occasionally bumped into her cervix. I then took the opportunity to "remember" that she had come home from a massage. I asked her if the massage had turned her on, and she confirmed it had.

As we made love, I pressed her for details. I asked if he had massaged her ass, and she confirmed he had. I asked if he had touched her breasts and she confirmed this as well. I decided to keep pressing to see how far it went, so I asked her if he had fucked her. She was quiet on her response, so I took this as confirmation and increased our pace. It is a bit of a blur from this point on, but I think I may have asked how his cock felt inside of her and whether he had come inside her. I don't recall her exact reply, but whatever it was, it was enough to put me over the edge. I came quite hard inside of her. As I did this, I imagined my come was mixing with that which was already there, thereby reclaiming my wife from her lover. Fortunately, after my explosion, she wasn't far behind. She cried out in an orgasm as I felt the walls of her pussy explode in an eruption of convulsing tremors.

She collapsed on top of me as I gently kissed her and whispered loving words. Since she is a loving and very wholesome wife, I like to reassure her after she's let her imagination run wild, so she feels comfortable at the end of the fantasy.

This morning, she mentioned she could use a massage like that any time. I said I got as much out of it as she did....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Commando to Work and Back

I asked my wife to wear her black/Dark Grey skirt to work. It's knee-length and fits nicely to her lovely compact ass. I also added the request that she let me hold her underwear in the car when I drop her off. I told her it's up to her when she puts them back on, but I politely requested she have them off when I picked her up at 5:00. We texted a couple of times during the day:

Me: Are you fully clothed?
Her: Have to otherwise I'd be drippy.

I picked her up at 5:00. I was having a stressful, busy day, so I almost neglected to check. As I drove home, I reached my hand under her skirt and made my way up her thigh until I confirmed that she had taken them back off.

Epilogue: I saw her black panties on the floor of the bathroom later that evening. They looked like they had been drenched all day....

People Watching

We talked last week in bed abit about the "hotwife" thing. I danced around the topic a little and said I wouldn't want her to sleep with someone else, but I like the idea of a little harmless flirting. She didn't express an opinion either way about it, but I wasn't looking for anything definite. I just wanted to let her know what I thought about it.

Just the other day, she mentioned that while she was waiting to meet a friend for lunch, she was "people watching". I didn't think about it right away, and even now I'm not sure what she meant. She did say in her own cute way that there was no one there who caught her eye. I think it was something like "there are a lot of unattractive people in the world". Our mutual response is "but somebody loves them."

I've been thinking since then that in order to be attracted to someone, she needs to talk to them. Unlike men, I think she (and probably most women) don't initially want to fuck someone at first sight... Although, when we met (20 years ago) she always says she saw me and liked me, but I think it was my drunken charm that wooed her.

Assuming she would have to talk with another man to develop an attraction, I guess I'd have to be okay with her becoming attracted to another man. I have the feeling that anything that does develop won't just be anonymous, that a "real" relationship may form. That thought worries me a little.