Tuesday, July 20, 2010


George (a.k.a. my wife's menstrual cycle) arrived yesterday, right on schedule. A few months ago, as an experiment, I set a calendar alarm on my iphone the day her period arrived and set it to repeat every 28 days. I did it more to chart when she was the hottest, so I could time my more adventurous advances properly (during ovulation). Yes, I sometimes amaze myself with the effort I'll go through when it comes to hot sex with my wife. As for her period, the last three months she was right on time once, off by day once and off by more than a week according to my phone. When she's late, I don't stress, since I was "snipped" some time ago. Regarding my "study", she's all over the map. In fact, she had one of her most intense orgasm in recent memory the night before george arrived.

During her period, I have found her sex drive to be consistent with other times of the month. I kind of enjoy the week she's "off limits" because it makes us be creative when it comes to our sex life. We have tried several alternatives to straight intercourse. She's a sucker for a massage, and once or twice many years ago, we even had anal sex. I remember one time, after slowly working my way in, I massaged her clit while I slowly pumped her from behind. Her orgasm was magnificent. The feeling of her ass spasming around my cock is beyond description.

This time around however, I stuck to a "basic" massage, which she always loves. As I massaged her back I thought out loud about how it might feel for her to have a "four handed" massage. We discussed it as I poured the oil on her. I explained it would be easy for myself and another to mirror each other as we massaged her body. I have to confess, this fantasy is as much for me as her, and I couldn't help but get hard as I worked my way down her back, ass and legs.

I told her to imagine that our other masseuse was doing everything I did. Come to think about it, I did say "masseuse", so she may have assumed it would be a female doing the massaging. I was always thinking the other would be a male.(for her pleasure) I worked down her legs, and when I got to her feet, I nibbled and sucked on her toes. When I went to do her ass, I asked her if she would let both of us work her ass. She said she only wanted my touch there. I said she would just have to relax and let herself enjoy four hands on her buttocks. She loves having her ass massaged, and once she was relaxed, I asked her if she would let me remove her panties. She said that she would like them taken off, as I have "taught" her to have her massages in the nude. I was able to lower her panties to completely expose her glutes, leaving her panties at the junction of her ass and legs

I finished giving her wonderful ass the attention it deserved, then asked her to roll over. She rolled onto her back, and I applied plenty of oil on her chest. Her nipples stiffened as I massaged each breast. I(we) worked our way down her belly, skipping her pelvic region, choosing instead to work the front of her thighs. I (We) worked back up her legs and spent some enjoyable time on her pubic mound. I used one hand to spread her labia and dripped oil with the other directly onto her exposed clitoris.

Having been recently waxed, she was still nice and trim "down there", so in the dim light of our bedroom , I was able to make out the upper portion of her mound as well as her lovely clit. I spent another five or ten minutes massage around her lips and some more time on her clitoris. As a man, I tend to have a bit of a heavy touch when it comes to these areas, so I had to control myself not to be too heavy handed.

My wife enjoys having her clit stroked, but her real intense orgasms come from penetration (which wasn't to be in this early stages of "george"), so I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't be able to get her to climax. Instead, sensing she had reached the highest point possible this time around, I asked her if she would mind if I stroked myself, as this had certainly been driving me crazy with lust.

In the past, she has always enjoyed when I masturbate, and this was no different. I grabbed some lubricant from our bedside table, and laid beside her on my back. As I stroked myself, she kissed me and played with my chest and nipples (which, for some reason, I love). Now, being a seasoned veteran when it comes to pleasuring myself, I brought myself to the brink of orgasm and backed off a couple of times. (I think the term is "edging") Whenever I do this on my own, my pre-cum starts leaking. My wife enjoys this, although she prefers when I leak inside her.

As I "edged" the third time, I told her I need to feel her against me. I climbed on top of her and pulled her panties down, exposing her oiled up labia and clit. We kissed, and as our tongues explored each others' mouths, my wet, pre-cum covered cockhead explored the folds of her pussy. It was as if I was painting her. I would start the head of my cock at the lower portion of her lips, and slowly glide it up and over her clit, until the sensitive underside of my shaft would make contact with her sensitive button. The thought of my pre-cum being spread all over her spread lips and clit was almost too much for me to stand, and I had to slow down in order to not lose control.

Although I said earlier that my wife orgasms the readiest through penetration, I could sense she was also approaching her peak as she ground her pussy against my cock. Now, one thing most men will be able to relate to is the ability to control an orgasm is much more difficult when you have a hot body against you. If you allow yourself to get too close to the edge, a seemingly small movement by your partner can push you over the edge. This is what happened to me. Just the registration of the thought that my hot wife was getting closer to coming coupled with the light flutter of her outer lips on my shaft put me over the edge. I came in several hot spurts, drenching her pussy in my come. I hope she wasn't too disappointed in my performance.

Usually, after we make love she goes to the bathroom to pee in order to reduce the chance of a bladder infection, which is completely understandable. This time, however, she simply pulled up her panties, leaving herself covered all night in my semen. I've revisited that thought several times in the last 24 hours, and it gets me hard just thinking about it.

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