Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time Traveller

Last night after the kids went to bed, we sat in the living room and surfed the web for a bit. My wife like to read the "missed connections" on Craiglist, so we browsed those together. Once we had gone through them all, I showed her the "Casual Encounters" section of the personals. We scrolled through, marveling at how many ads were posted by either gay men or married men, or by men who are both gay and married. We had a good laugh at all the "cock" shots, and decided to head upstairs for a bath.

During our bath, we talked about my previous post and whether I was at all accurate in my analysis. She agreed with my take that there's something very strong in her moral code that keeps her from being able appreciate the fantasy of being with another man. Although it's a strong fantasy of mine, I'm extremely grateful that she is at this end of the scale when it comes to extra-marital fantasies. I can imagine that if she embraced it, and even pushed for the fantasy herself, I would probably question her commitment to me. She told me in the tub that she only wants me. On that note, I mentioned that there might be a way for her to embrace the fantasy of being with another man without betraying her morals. A couple of weeks ago, we purchased some crotch-less underwear for a friend of ours. (I have referred to her as "C" in previous posts) While we were in the store, I hatched a plan to provide my wife with a second "cock", one that was a near duplicate of mine. When I say "near", I mean this dildo was a little thicker and longer, but very close to me at my hardest state of arousal.

We have used the time traveller fantasy before as a way for her to have sex with a version of me from the future (older) or one from the past (younger). Last night, it was a version of me from the future who stole into bed with us. I used the dildo as me from the future to pump her with while the me from the present enjoyed having her suck on my cock. This was a convenient way for us to experience the MMF threesome without the attached guilt of another man. Eventually, I think she tired of the future me and she requested that I enter her. I pumped her wet pussy until we both came. It's amazing how she prefers my cock to anything, even something a little larger. I'm a lucky man.

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