Friday, August 6, 2010

Fantasies and Moral Obstacles

The other night, as we made love, I described in detail how the massage fantasy might unfold if I was just watching and not participating. She got quite wet and excited as I described his hands running over her body. I slowly made love to her while I described what would be happening. It was quite interesting to see/feel how she reacted the entire time. When I described him massaging her ass and teasing her, making her wet as I watched, I could feel her getting dangerously close to cumming. I thought I would push her over the edge and describe how he would tease her with his cock, running it over her wet lips, then eventually push inside her. (I tried to time the "act" with my thrusts). I may have been imagining things, but I think I felt her back off a little from the edge when I described him inside her. It wasn't until I came inside the warm walls of her pussy that the feeling of my pulsing cock pushed her to her own orgasm.

Post coital analysis:
Looking back, I think my sexy wife is still having a difficult time letting this particular bedroom fantasy take hold. I suppose it may be her strong moral base, "good wife code", etc. She may also be concerned that if she gets into this fantasy with me and enjoys it, there would be some obligation to follow through with it in real life. I think I need to reassure her that's not the case. Like many things in life, the anticipation would most certainly be better than the real thing. In our case, pushing the fantasy as close as possible towards the reality without going over the line would be excruciatingly erotic for both of us. We have the rest of our lives to explore each other and even if we never get to the "destination", the trip has been and will continue to be amazing...


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