Friday, August 27, 2010

The Power of Words

While we were on vacation, and thwarted from any "action" by the combination of kids, grandparents and Rebecca's monthly visitor, we managed to go for a couple of nice walks. During one of these walks, we were discussing other men and touching on my Hotwife fantasy. While we have no grand ambitions to make any of it a reality, we somehow got on the topic of Rebecca's relatively innocent past. I was pressing her for a little more detail. She said she has kissed somewhere between twenty and thirty guys, generally all in her early days of university.

One time in particular occurred when she was back in her hometown (city) and was out at the bar. A guy she had dated was in town and she met up with him in a bar which was conveniently located in the hotel he was staying. She's not quite comfortable yet with giving me much detail (I'll have to work on that), but they somehow ended up in his room, making out on the bed. It's not clear to me if it was during a party, or whether the two of them went up together. (Again, the detail thing). The thought of the two of them on the bed in a hotel room was extremely arousing. Keep in mind we were walking around on a public path as she was telling me this. Suffice to say, it got the blood flowing in my areas. We had to stop walking for awhile and change the subject to let my erection subside. I have hopes that in the near future, she will tell me the story in great detail while we she strokes me, or while we make love. This would be a safe way for us to explore a little, without any guilt attached.

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