Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Posse

Rebecca and I were discussing her men tonight, oddly enough, in front of and with her mother who is helping with the kids this week. We were really only discussing her "pursuers", and it turns out her mother had her share of men after her as well.

This is the current list of Rebecca's "pursuers".

G: Married. G is by far her favorite. he is the one she has seen the most, and who I have never seen. They get along very well, which of course leads to my worry of losing her. The fact that I've never met, or even laid eyes on a picture of him leads me to believe he's either horrible looking, or she wants to keep him away from me.

D: Married. A couple of years ago, D came on to her while he was drunk, both of them on an out of town work trip. She denied him of course, and told me about it. She still sees him at the office on a regular basis, and he has behaved himself.

M: Married. On her recent work trip to the Caribbean, M was very direct about how much he liked her. He is almost twenty years her senior, and according to her, not attractive. The girls on the trip ran interference for her while they were there, but upon returning, he hasn't let up. Yesterday he found reason to call her at least a dozen times. Oddly enough, he's married, and he told her that "something is missing" from his marriage. To add another level of complexity, he has invited us to dinner with him AND his wife at their place. His wife either knows about his indiscretions, or he has testicles the size of bowling balls. Rebecca has accepted his invitation, so I guess we'll find out. My money is that they're swingers, and they're planning to divide and conquer.

V: Single. She's actually having coffee with V this morning. When we were discussing her posse last night, he sent her a text, "What up?". He is the youngest of the bunch, with not a lot in common with her. She said objectively, he is one of the better looking ones, but she's not attracted to him. He flirts with her, particularly via text when he's out on the town and had a few.

S: Married. Rebecca and her group met S while on her recent work trip. She said he's a really nice guy, and reminds her of an older and shorter V. I noticed that they are now Facebook friends and were chatting via Facebook the other night as we all watched a movie. Rebecca and I have concluded that she is nice to everyone and it turns out that many men interpret this "niceness" as attraction. We'll see if S falls into this category.

That's it for now. Maybe when Rebecca reads this, she'll let me know if I've missed anyone.

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  1. Maybe M has also invited G and his wife to the party!