Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Ass Like a Twenty-Three Year Old

Some Quiet Time

The house is quiet right now. Rebecca is out running around with the kids. I just finished a decent run, so I thought I'd take a little time to reflect on where we are.

Last night I threw a small surprise 40th birthday party for Rebecca. We had several couples over, including her friend "L" and her husband. Her and Rebecca recapped their Vegas trip of last year for the crowd, telling how Rebecca was offered $600 from the judge if she would let him touch her bare ass. ( see December 2010? for the full story.) Originally, Rebecca told me the offer was to see her newly waxed pussy, and last night they recalled it was to touch her ass. They may have been toning it down for the crowd.

On the topic of her ass, G emailed Rebecca late on the night of her actual birthday. He sent the usual birthday wishes, then followed it up with another email. In it he said that although she was forty, she had the ass of a twenty-three year old. Rebecca figured he was drunk, as he was traveling on business this week. 

For her birthday, I had a cake made with a big picture of Patrick Dempsey printed on edible icing. Rebecca loves his hair, so it's an ongoing joke between us. I overheard her telling someone at the party last night that although she's kept her "number" low, she would be fine adding him to the select few (or two).

When she went to blow out the candles, L piped up, "Hey Rebecca, it's time to blow McDreamy". The whole room howled at that comment. Of course Rebecca, being her lovely self, was telling people how I should be on the cake as well, as I'm her real dream man, etc. It was another one of her close friends who immediately barked out, "Threesome!", which got another round of laughter.

The last guests left around 12:30, and we danced to "Me and Bobby McGee" before cleaning up. Up in our room we quickly undressed each other. In contrast to our tender slow dance, our sex was, for lack of a better word, hard. Being somewhat drunk, I was able to pump her quite hard. She egged me on until I came.

This morning, we woke up and started exploring again. It's funny how even after so long together, I discover new things. I was on top of her, holding my body above her as I pumped her with long strokes. Eventually I pulled too far out and my cock popped out and my shaft landed squarely against her clit. Instead of putting it back in right away, I took the opportunity to rest a little and gently slid my shaft along the outside of her pussy, rubbing her clit with the underside of my shaft. She really enjoyed this, especially when I randomly would plunge my cock back deep inside her.

Eventually, I pulled her on top of me so she could enjoy her favorite position. As she ground against me, I discovered another wonderful subtlety. Typically, Rebecca's nipples are too sensitive to touch very hard. Lately we've found that I actually like my nipples squeezed quite hard as I approach orgasm. Rebecca has been taking that little bit of knowledge and has been using it often. 

This time, though, a thought ran through my mind that we do things to each other that we wish would be done to us. As she rode me, she  approached closer and  closer to her orgasm. It was almost like the tide coming in, with each wave getting closer. She is later into her cycle, and I've found she takes a lot more to reach her peak at this time of the month.

I could feel her nipples stiffen as I covered her breasts with my hands, so I decided to try some payback. As she would climb back up to her peak, I would gently increase the pressure of my fingers on her erect nipples. I was fully prepared for her to redirect my hands, but she responded by grinding hard on top of me. At first, I was gently rolling her hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. Eventually, on about the third wave, I was squeezing with a pressure that at any other time would have gotten me slapped. It had to hurt, as her nipples are so large and hard compared to mine. Instead, this last wave of pain/pressure pushed her over the edge, and she came, then collapsed on my chest.


  1. Happy Birthday, Rebecca. And from what I have seen, G is right!

  2. Happy Birthday to you...!

    p.s. Janis Joplin Rocks!

  3. Would love to read a post about your wife going away, what it was like leading up to it, and now that she is gone. A work trip to the Carribean sounds like a great excuse for some naughtiness.