Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Nice to be Appreciated

I got this text from Rebecca Saturday morning as I was running around taking our girl to dance class, etc.

"You are a good man. The kids and I are lucky."

It was a little out of the blue, and I found out why. She was getting a facial, and the lady administering it was confiding in Rebecca how the father of her kids was never around to help, so she was basically a single parent. When he was in town, he would hang out at the bar, and not help with their two year old.

It was after this conversation that Rebecca texted me saying how good of a husband I am. I guess by comparison, I look pretty good. It's nice to be appreciated.


  1. All that, and she gets to date...

  2. You never exactly finished the story of "a quick drink". No analysis of your "debriefing." Any info to share from that night, or from the latest lunch with G?

  3. I enjoy your blog and your wife is beautiful and i am jealous.
    I hope that if you achieve your ambition for your wife to basically cuckold you you will not regret it. Reality and desire are sometimes not all that compatible. I am curious does your wife know about your blog? If she does her behavior should quite different to what it is.