Thursday, March 15, 2012

One More Sleep

It has now been over a week that Rebecca has been away. It's been the longest stretch we've been apart since we were married.

Almost all of our contact has been through skype and texting with the kids around me, so there hasn't been a lot of private time for the two of us, other than the occasional text.

As the week has unfolded, I've noticed some interesting coping mechanisms (aside from masturbation) developing. I find I'm getting more "guarded" the longer she has been away. My days have been full with either work or the kids or both, and it seems our schedules don't mesh. I find I can't really relax until I'm in bed later at night.

Nights when I have stayed up, she has gone to bed early, and vice versa. In the back of my mind, I have to wonder if G has had better access to communication with her than I have.

Early in her trip, one of men in the group made a blatant, clumsy and somewhat forceful pass at her which unfortunately, has made her uncomfortable for the rest of the trip. She has toned down her outgoing nature, which has (I think) even impacted our long distance flirtations. Rebecca has since been relying on two of her female traveling companions to run interference between her and this cad.

I haven't flirted with her much myself and I can understand how she might not be able to get in the mood after the episode early in her trip. Instead, I've relied on "myself" to stay in game shape, but even I can lose interest in myself after awhile. I hear a collective narcissistic gasp.

I'm looking forward to when things can get back to normal. Which by all accounts should start tomorrow night. Rebecca arrives home later tomorrow night after a full day of travel, so I'm sure she'll be exhausted.

I'll have to move back to my side of the bed to make room for her. On second thought, I think I'll stay on her side for a few nights.

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