Monday, May 23, 2011


Tonight as we were cleaning up the dishes from dinner, Rebecca reminded me she has an appointment tomorrow for a waxing. As her mother, her sister, her sister's husband, and our daughter were talking at the dinner table, I was cleaning up and making coffee. 
Rebecca was helping me at the dishwasher when she leaned over and whispered that she was going to have almost all of it taken off. She wants to keep, in her words "a small square". This is a woman who a year ago wouldn't have even considered getting waxed. Excruciating.


  1. Nothing like a nice waxed pussy... ;) As JFBreak said "Delicious" I used to thin I liked the beaver but after experiencing a nice waxed one it is just so awesome... It seems like Rebecca is really becoming very sensual. I think women when they feel like they are attractive and wanted they get even more desirable and sensual. But who am I to know anything about that...I am no I really enjoy your blog and your journey.

  2. You know, I have to admit that I hold my breath each day to see if there is a new post about all of this, 'Excruciating' is understating it.