Thursday, May 19, 2011

"So I've Been Invited on a Coffee Date... for Tonight."

Those were the words Rebecca said to me this afternoon on our drive to our daughter's recital. I have to say, my stomach did a flip flop, and I had a hard time concentrating while we watched the show. She mentioned it as a matter of fact, but also kind of left it hanging like she was waiting for my okay. I said that if it's tonight, it should be drinks, not coffee.

G had emailed her earlier this afternoon to tell her he was going to be downtown for a work function and that he was wondering if she wanted to get together afterwards for a drink. I smiled when she mentioned the email and my reaction was all she needed to make up her mind. In fact, we had to wait outside in the car at the school to let my erection subside. Every time it crossed my mind since, my stomach flips, my heart skips, and I start to get hard. We held hands in the gymnasium during the performance (probably the only parents doing so) and she kept looking at me, then my crotch, smiling all the time.

She asked me what  I would like her to wear, and I said "skirt" without skipping a beat. She said there's no way since that would scream "date", and she's too conservative for that. She ended up wearing some dress pants that really show off her ass. Well, she has a great ass, so I guess she couldn't have gone wrong with any choice. When we were putting the kids to bed, she was getting ready, and all I could think was how hot it was that she was getting ready to go on a date with him. She has been wearing her red bra from the boudoir shoot all day, which is just  a happy coincidence.

She was going to stop by the grocery store on her way to pick up  a few things. She still insists nothing will happen, but I told her to have fun and that I love her no matter how much or how little happens with him. I also told her my only request is she update me if they change venue, or if she's going to be later than 11:30, so I don't have to worry about her safety.

She has her monthly visitor, so this is probably a good "safe" step for her to take. We talked over the last few weeks, and she knows I trust her. I also have no doubt about our love. From the moment she told me  today, I've been extremely aroused. She knows it, and she said something like "keep him hard" for me tonight, referring of course to my cock. That is a no brainer.

It's 9:15, and they're meeting at 9:30 in  the lounge of one of the downtown hotels. No throwing up tonight.... this is all about her. I'm trying my best not to get my hopes up too much. At the very least, she'll come home aroused from the attention she'll get from him.


  1. Can't wait to read what happened. Perhaps there was little action during the meet for drinks, but surely at such a late hour, G had to wonder how she was seeing him without you being concerned. Would love to know how she explained that.

    If I were in your shoes, my dick would have been raw by the time she returned!

  2. You think you are excited? OMG - I think your avid readers are MUCH more so...