Sunday, March 6, 2011

Essential Oils

Over the last couple of weeks, I decided to back off of my fantasy of Rebecca as a hotwife. I don't want her to feel pressured, and to be honest, I thought I needed a break from it too. Before I let it rest, though, I had made my point clear that I am comfortable with her exploring her sexuality as long as it's done openly and it's shared with me.

Without me bringing it up, there were several times when Rebecca would allude to something that happened at work which could have been construed as having "hotwife" undertones. Then last Friday, Rebecca told me she was invited out for drinks after work with a younger man from her company who she has been in touch with over the last few months. Of course, she sees his contacting her repeatedly as completely innocent, and she has always kept her flirting to a very subdued, almost non-existent level  I say almost, because whatever she has said has kept him interested in her. 

When she initially told me about it, she said she wanted me to come as well. Of course I knew this wasn't what he had in mind, but for her comfort, I said I would be happy to come and meet him. Unfortunately, she got busy later Friday afternoon and had to cancel our "date". 

Fast forward to Saturday evening when Rebecca and I were preparing dinner and enjoying a new martini recipe. Rebecca was sitting at the island checking her facebook account as I mixed drinks, when she said "V" is online. I suggested she say hi, and they had a short but interesting conversation. She apologized for canceling their plans, and suggested she'll have to make it up to him. He replied by inquiring as to how, and she told him since he was the one who was put out, he should have some say. His suggestion was for a neck massage, saying he said he slept on it funny. The conversation went on to other topics, without her acknowledging the suggestion. Partway through, she surprised me by asking if he wanted it with or without essential oils. He was in the midst of talking about something else when he interrupted himself in all caps, requesting excitedly "WITH ESSENTIAL OILS!". It seems she got his attention. 

They finished the conversation with him saying she had better practice her technique, and her replying to not worry, as she always "impresses". She then signed off telling him we had to feed the kids etc.

That night, as I slipped inside my wife, she asked me to "tell her something". I told her that at this exact moment, she had two men thinking of fucking her. I was the lucky one inside her at the moment, and V was stroking himself somewhere across town. We both seemed okay with that thought. In my case, the thought of him wanting my wife kept me hard after my first orgasm. I slowed down for my second one, savouring how she feels when she's has my cum once inside her already. She came with me when I had my second orgasm, and I collapsed on top of her as she held me.

V is heading out of the country for a couple of weeks, so he'll have to stew on their last conversation for awhile. As for my feelings on the recent developments, I would have to say that I'm still not expecting anything to happen, but I'm good with that. But I'm also fine if something else does happen. I'm very happy, and quite comfortable with how Rebecca has opened up. She has flirted openly with another man, and we've grown as a couple because of it. I can't even begin to try to understand this paradox, but I'll say I'm not worried about having another man lusting after my wife because I know how strong our love is. I'm confident that our love will always come first, and she can be confident knowing that I'll stand by her no matter what.


  1. It is amazing what an effect reading that had on me, I am almost positive I am more excited than you! Please keep us updated with any other conversations with V.

  2. I'm going to agree with Jay Peters' comment above! In the fantasy, husbands like us often think about the actual act of the hotwife having sex, but never realize the value of these small conversations and minor flirtations with potential partners. I'm hard as a rock just reading your account of her conversation on the computer.

  3. Thank you all,
    I think I could survive a lifetime on these small steps. She definitely stepped outside her "comfort" zone with this one, so I'll just be thankful for that. It's her birthday tonight, so tonight it'll be about just her and I. Thirty-nine, and she's hotter than the day we met.