Sunday, March 13, 2011

She's Heading Out of Town

Rebecca has an out of town conference from Tuesday to Thursday this week, so I'll be a single parent for a couple of days and nights. The last time she went out of town on her own turned out to be a very erotic experience (for me more than her). I'm not sure why, but thinking of her in another city, free to be herself unfettered by kids and husband really strikes a lustful chord in my mind. It might be be my attraction to  her independent side. While this trip can't compare to Vegas on any level, there's always the hope that she'll  let her hair down and enjoy a little flirting. Maybe she'll even text me about it. At the very least, she can spend a couple of evenings in her hotel room, and maybe enjoy a hot bath and some quiet time.


  1. Maybe she can phone that younger guy one evening whilst she is enjoying that hot bath...

  2. Don't keep us waiting.... did anything interesting happen?