Saturday, January 29, 2011

She's Complicated... Or am I?

Rebecca has never been one to delve into the fantasy realm when it comes to our sex life. She's very much a straight shooter in that respect. Any direct fantasy talk from me when it has to do with her being with another man falls quickly onto deaf ears. 
So last night, I thought I would try a little twist. The fantasy I outlined to her was this. We would pretend we had each married our exes and that we were both unhappy( when it comes to our exes, this is not a stretch at all). I suggested we pretend that her and I "meet" and have a passionate reunion. Her response was that she would never cheat on her husband. WTF?? I AM her husband. 

I was left sitting in bed beside my wife, bewildered beyond belief. What I can gather from this insane response, is that her belief in the sanctity of marriage and her level of commitment transcends even true love.  On the surface this would seem like an admirable quality. Deeper down, however, I find it troubling. 
What keeps me with my wife is my undying love for her. I'm a bit of a romantic. I believe in true love, and I know I'm a lucky man to have found it. If for some reason, I woke up in a parallel dimension where I was married to someone else, I would get dressed and walk the entire earth if necessary to find my Rebecca. Apparently, if the same thing happened to her, she would check the paperwork, and if all was in order, she would snuggle back up to whomever happened to be on the marriage certificate.

Edit: We talked, and granted my fantasy request was weird. The irony was, I proposed it as a way for her to be able to feel comfortable having a fantasy,and still not feel like she's cheating on me. She said she's just not comfortable fantasizing about anyone else because she's happy with me. I guess I'm hoping that her comfort and happiness with me is what allows her to open up a little when it comes to our sex life. Baby steps...

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