Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Dreams about Night Things

I came home early from work yesterday because I was feeling a little under the weather. Rebecca stayed home since the kids had a day off school, so I was able to go up to our room and have a nap. I slept for about an hour. When I woke up, it was a gradual transition. It was one of those instances where  I was able to start dreaming because I woke up with the vision of Rebecca's face in my mind. In my dream, she was looking up at me, with her lips around my cock. It got interesting when she let me out of her mouth and she continued moaning and grimacing. When I looked down, I saw why. She was riding another cock. Like many dreams, this one had parts that didn't make sense. For instance, I was laying in our bed while she sucked and licked me, but at the same time the other participant was laying on his back with her riding cowgirl( her favorite). I remember seeing her face as she came, and as usual, it was amazing. It was the look she has when I'm able to time myself to finish just as she just starts to come, with my spasms riding out the wave with her as I fill her with my come. This is what happened in my dream, only she wasn't riding me. Long ago, in this type of dream, the moment of realization used to bring on feelings of jealousy or regret, but it wasn't the case in this instance. I woke up more turned on than ever.

After my nap, I went down to the kitchen and hung out with Rebecca while the kids were playing in their room. I wasn't keen on mentioning the recurrence of this fantasy, since I'm pretty sure she's heard it enough. While I was sitting there, she could tell I was thinking about something. She pried, and I gave her a hint that I was feeling "evil" after waking up, and that it related to a dream I just had. She immediately asked if it had to do with a third person (she knows me too well). I confessed it did and I left it at that until later that night and  the kids went to bed. We were in the living room in the dark, and started making out like we were back in high school. I was rock hard, and she was dripping wet. The kids were still awake, so we snuck to our room, and we stripped each other quickly.

As we started having sex in a rough, animalistic fashion, I told her more details of my dream. I told her how she rode another cock, while sucking greedily on mine at the same time. I didn't get too far into my details, as the recollection pushed us over the edge. I came as deep as I could inside of her, then collapsed on her.

Shortly afterwards, we made our way to the bathroom to get ready for bed. That's when one of the kids decided to come upstairs and ask us something, in an effort to delay going to sleep. I took him back down and got him to turn the lights out.

When I arrived upstairs, Rebecca was back in bed. I climbed in and told her I wasn't done yet. She said she was worried the kids would come back up, so of course I said we would just have to be quiet. I massaged her back as we spooned and slowly reached under the covers to her pajama bottoms. I pulled them down as she faced away, massaging her all the while. When my hand slipped between her legs, I could feel my come leaking out of her wet pussy. There's nothing I like more than slipping inside of her when she's had me once already, so I placed the head of my semi-erect cock against the messy folds of her lips. I thrust into her and started sawing in and out of her come filled pussy. Usually after coming once, I can control myself a little better. This time however, she did something that still makes me hard when I think of it now. As we were spooning, I reached around under her pajama top to caress her chest. I worked my hand up her neck to touch her face. That's when she quickly took my middle finger in her mouth and started sucking hard. She alternated between sucking and tonguing my finger as I pumped her. Of course, my mind was racing, and I went from semi-erect to ejaculating in what seemed like a blink of an eye. My only regret is I didn't make it last longer. Well, that and I never told her who the third person in my dream was....