Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Email from the Past

This past weekend, Rebecca received an email from a former boyfriend who is also now married (and living overseas) He was her "first", and while that idea bothered me when we first got back together, it's now a distant memory. He was emailing her about local headhunters in case he was in need of a job if he came back to the city.

She mentioned his email in the spirit of being up front, and to make sure I didn't interpret the contact the wrong way. I didn't. I know she's mine now, and a lot of water has gone under that bridge, just prior to it being burned (Two cliches in one reference!) I know she has no desire for him or any other man, so it's really a non-event as far as I'm concerned.

Except.... the day she mentioned his email, she did seem strangely aroused. George was visiting, and flowing extremely heavy, so actual sex was out of the question, but all day she kept bumping into me, hugging me and nibbling at my neck. Maybe it was her perception of my reaction to the email that got her aroused (a stretch to say even mild jealousy). Maybe she felt she needed to show me more affection to compensate for the email. Maybe the email dredged up some good memories for her. In fact, I recently found out much to my pleasant surprise, that I'm not the only man who has gone down on her. (She hasn't told me who the other(s) have been).

Suffice to say, I'm extremely happy and comfortable in our marriage. If an email from an old boyfriend shakes up her psychi enough to give her libido an unexpected boost, who am I to complain?

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