Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year in Review

It's been an interesting year. I was in bed thinking about how we've evolved over the last twelve months. "Evolved" is an appropriate description, since, like many things, I never really appreciated how far we've come this year until I made a conscious effort to look back. Rebecca is still my shy, conservative wife, but she's definitely taken a step or two outside her area of comfort.

The main step for me was to confide to her my fantasy of sharing her with another man. It still seems strange to type those words. I know that it can't be a "normal" fantasy, but it finds its way into my mind on a very regular basis. In fact, it was the original reason that I started this blog. I didn't have the courage to bring it up with her, so I needed an outlet. After a couple of months of typing my thoughts, I casually told her I had a blog. She took it well when I told her what it was about, but she was hesitant to read it. When we first discussed my particular kink months ago, she was very clear that she has no need or desire to explore it as a reality. In fact, there is still hesitation on her part to explore it even as a fantasy. I have to say, that I would probably be very satisfied if my fetish of seeing her with another man was only explored through our fantasy life, since I'm aware of what a step like that could do to my psychi, particularly if she took a liking to "hotwifing". Since our first discussion, she has made several advances personally and we have grown closer as a couple. While the growth for us isn't directly related to my main fantasy, we have explored several other areas of our love life which has fed my desire for her.

I was thinking of what's occurred over the course of last year; she has had a "commando" massage, she started getting her "beav" waxed on a regular basis, she flirted (in her own innocent way) with other men while on a trip to Las Vegas. On our trip to Mexico, she expressed some interest in taking our next couples vacation to an "adult" resort. Finally, she was brave enough to do the boudoir photo shoot and allow me to post pictures of her along with a pretty detailed description of our sex life on this blog.

I'm pretty sure most wives wouldn't do this for their husband's and (their own) mutual happiness. I've heard of many marriages that erode slowly, eventually ending up sexless and loveless. I'm a very lucky husband and I'm looking forward to what 2011 will bring. For the husbands reading this, treat your wives right and have a great new year.

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