Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is Coming

Rebecca has told me there's one present from her I can't open in front of everyone. My choice is to do it Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day Eve. We'll have company until then, so I think I'll wait until the house is clear. She sounds pretty pleased about her choice, so that has me wondering what it is...

Last night, we went to bed and I had her play out one of her favorite fantasies. This one is where we pretend to have unprotected sex for the first time. She would ask me if I "brought anything" in the way of a condom. I whispered to her that I didn't and that I would pull out. As we got closer, I told her that I've already leaked quite a bit into her so far, and that pulling out would be pointless. I also told her that it had been a few days since I last ejaculated, so I would be fully "potent". She told me to "slow down". (Talk like this sets her off, so she almost comes too easily. ) I told her I would make her a deal that as long as she didn't come, I would hold off filling her fertile womb. Well, that did it. She came suddenly, spasming around my cock as I filled her.

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