Monday, December 20, 2010

Her Old Ratty PJs

Rebecca has a favorite pair of pajamas she wears to bed. They're baggy and they hang off her, throughly obscuring her tight body. But, when the morning light hits her just right, I'm treated to a glimpse of heaven.


  1. Hot, very hot. love the old PJs. Have enjoyed reading your blog from the beginning. My wife and I are at similar place. She's extremely skeptical, but curious, and is willing to do many of the things your lovely bride seems open to doing. She just returned from 10 days out of the country with lots of flirting with other men. I wish she'd do more, I think, but I struggle with many of the same conflicting emotions it would seem you do.

    Your wife is very, very good looking. Sleek, sexy body. The pics of her are a real turn on. It makes me want to yank down those pjs, and well, do many things.


  2. She's pretty shy and not used to having men other than myself comment on her body, so thank you for reinforcing my opinion. At least now she knows it's not just me who finds her hot.