Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I've learned a few things about myself over the last little while. Rebecca's back and she's filled me in on her the highlights of her trip. As I told her before she left, they didn't have to pay for many drinks while they were out. The were comp'd, VIP'd and propositioned. She had a great time, but not too great of a time. One of the nights, they had a young wall street mover and shaker get them into his VIP area of Tao.. although they both just pretended to sip their complimentary drinks due to a fear of being drugged. Nothing happened much between them, other than several direct compliments on her body as well as repeated statements that her husband is a lucky man. (I am).

The more interesting of the nights was when they spent a couple of hours with a "young" southern judge and his friend. Again, more comments, this time focussing on her ass, with the occasional grope attempt. The judge himself she described as "charming" which struck a mild chord of jealousy with me. She said he was a player, as he was married with a mistress on the side unbeknownst to his wife. Rebecca chastised him for this, but ironically still stayed and had drinks. The men were throwing money around quite a bit, with several "hundred dollar" chips on the table. At one point, Rebecca was offered six of the chips if she would just show off her newly waxed pussy. (She didn't go for it, although she did tell them if they could double it in the casino, she might.) After relating this to me, she mentioned that she could see how the theme of "Indecent Proposal" could happen in Vegas with all the money floating around.

I've been thinking about what I liked and didn't like about this brief foray into her independence. First of all, I'm thankful, this was as far as she took it this time. The emotions I've gone through over the last forty eight hours have been taxing. I'm not sure how I would have done had she gone further. Second, I think what bothered me was that I wasn't with her or near her as she went through this. I don't think I like being so far removed.

Oddly enough, my issues arise from her independence. I would be okay with her staying in touch with the judge provided there's full disclosure and ability for me to pull the plug at any time. I know that's like setting the dove free with a leash around her neck, but I've learned that I'm not "full cuckold" material. Our love is the most important thing, and I can't /won't do anything to risk losing it. My comfort level lies with us being a couple first and foremost. Any interaction between her and another man would have to done with my knowledge and consent. She'll tell me she has no desire for any of this I'm sure, but we'll take our time and see where (if anywhere) this leads. For now, I have my hot, beautiful wife back, and I never want to let go.


  1. Don't let go...ever.

  2. I am fascinated by the fact that she says that she was offered $600 "to show off her newly waxed pussy" and that she would consider it if they would double the offer. Then she did show it to the photographer in the latest segment. How convinced are you that she didn't show it in Vegas. Has she kept in touch with the Judge?

  3. She hasn't kept in touch, and it turns out they never traded contact info. He would be easy to track down, since she knows the state and his name, but she said she didn't find him that attractive. As for the waxed shots, we laughed talking about it, since instead of making $600, we paid for her to bare all. She said the photographer reminded her of Paul Potts, so the attraction wasn't there either. (No offense to Mr.Potts)

  4. Mixed emotions are pretty normal. Also most cuckolds want to be present when the wife plays or at least full disclosure afterward otherwise there is no excitement for us. One thing I have learned, it is ok to let her know what you want but let her set the pace. My wife also has taken things very slowly, starting much like yours - see my blog. Good luck!