Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is my guess...

Today, we had our usual Saturday routine of taking the kids to their respective activities (dance and gymnastics). The boy and I headed on a small road trip to get my chainsaw fixed. I know.. half of you are thinking "what a redneck" and the other half are thinking, "can't he just fix it himself?" Anyway, I'll spare you the details and say that I got it taken care of, and I managed to cut/ split a 1/4 cord before our dinner guests arrived tonight.
This afternoon Rebecca told me she needed to duck out for a couple of hours between two and four. I asked her what for, and she wouldn't say, other than that it was a surprise for me, and that I would find out eventually. She added at one point that "C" was going to tell me that she was out with a boyfriend.
In a funny way, that scenario would have filled the criteria of being "for me". Rebecca also volunteered that whatever she was out for, hadn't cost us any money. Of course, my immediate thoughts were of her being out on a date with someone. In fact, as I hung out with the kids for the afternoon, both of them wanting my attention as I did the household chores, I imagined this to be the case, and a smile crossed my lips. Reality of course, will reveal something else. I am excited to find out what it was.