Friday, September 10, 2010

A Good Night

I haven't posted much lately, but last night was one to make note of. We had a bath after the kids were in bed. I needed to soak my legs and hips to aid my recovery from my "long run" the other day. It was a half- marathon distance ran at a slow training pace. Although I felt remarkably good afterwards, I was still a little sore. After a longer run like that, I try to force myself into a cold bath to ease the swelling and pain in my legs and hips. This however, was the day after and I like a taking hot bath to soothe any soreness I have.

Rebecca joined me, and afterwards in bed, she gave my legs a little rubdown. It was nice to have her sit between my legs with me on my back as she worked my front quads and groin. I started getting hard and she asked me to turn over so she could do the back of my legs. I thought at the time that we were maybe doing this backwards, as I would like her to have access to the front as she finished the massage.

It felt good as she massaged the back of my legs and ass. She reached around to feel my penis hardening beneath me. I pushed back at her, lifting my buttocks up. I could feel her pubic mound pushing against my tailbone as she stroked me. She removed her pajama top and I could feel her warm breasts against my back. I was in heaven. As I lay on my stomach, I reached back and started to pull her bottoms down. She quickly got the hint and slipped her bottoms and panties off until I felt her bare mound against me. It was a different (and nice) feeling to have her behind me, grinding herself against my tailbone as she stroked me.

I had all I could take and turned over, intending to make love to her. She immediately engulfed my cock with her mouth instead. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation of her mouth on me. One thing I'll say, is she is very good at this particular bit of foreplay. She doesn't deep-throat me, but she does take most of my shaft inside her mouth while she sucks very hard. I'm not sure how to describe it to someone who hasn't felt it, but I feel like her suction reaches all the way down to the base of my balls. It's an amazing feeling.

After a few minutes of that, I pulled her on top of me and buried myself inside of her. Now her pubic mound was grinding against mine as the tip of my cock brushed against her cervix. I held onto her perfect ass cheeks as she rode me, occasionally reaching upwards to her heaving breasts. I started talking to her, telling her my "evil" thoughts of the day. As she rode me closer and closer to orgasm, I finished off my tale by reminding her of when we were younger and having unprotected sex. I reminded her of how my cock was leaking in her as she rode me, allowing my sperm complete access to her unprotected womb. As I spoke the word "pregnant", she came quite hard, her pussy spasming on my shaft, and her body convulsing on top of mine. I was only milliseconds behind her, shooting deep inside her convulsing walls. Yes, it was a good night.

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  1. Yeah, uttering the word pregnant alway get me as well.