Thursday, August 23, 2012


After Rebecca read my last post, she said there was a correction to make. It turns out her friend was the one who was asked by another friend about the threesome. It wasn't an invitation to Rebecca. I guess it still shows how common the thought is though.

To respond to the anonymous comment/questions below, I don't think it changes anything in Rebecca's mind about monogamy. She is a strong woman, and although not necessarily set in her ways, she'll always come to her own conclusions.

As to what my preference would be, threesome or her out on her own, I don't have one, or rather, I go back and forth on what it would be. The important thing for me (and us) is that we experience the erotic nature of it together. That could happen in person, or with her recounting her excitement afterwards. I think the latter may be more difficult for her to do, since even with her limited dating experience, she tends to gloss over details I find exciting, since they make her uncomfortable. A threesome would eliminate the need for her to recount her experience afterwards, but it's a bit of a moot point.

I have found recently she has enjoyed the "implication" that she is enjoying two of us while we have sex. For example, last night she was right on the edge of cumming, and she warned me her orgasm was imminent. I stopped thrusting, and simply offered her two of my fingers to nibble on. She immediately took them into her mouth, sucking. I began to say, "suck my fingers like a cock," but before I could finish she came. It's hard to say whether that is what pushed her over the edge, or whether she was already going over.

She would deny it was the idea that she had another cock in her mouth. She likes to say it is the sound of my voice that does it for her. Maybe next time, I'll try singing to her instead..

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  1. hahaha - I am trying to imagine that! What song?