Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Real Taboo

I gave Rebecca a little rub down when we went to bed last night. Her shoulder is sore from some equipment she used to work out with on her last work trip. It sounds like a rotator cuff issue, but she likes it massaged.

I assumed my role of her masseur, making small talk while I massaged her. She was naked on the bed, laying partially on her side. I straddled her left leg, resting my hardening cock between her thighs as I oiled her shoulder.

As per our usual fantasy, I asked her if she was comfortable with my cock where it was. She would say yes, and I would slowly inch forward until I was partially inside her.

Eventually, I was fully engulfed by her pussy. I commented on how good her married pussy felt and I asked if she was okay if I pumped her a little.

After a few pumps, I asked if she was okay with me continuing even though I hadn't had "the snip", indicating I was very potent. Her reply was that she was at a safe time of the month.

As I pumped her, I could feel the occasional spasm in my cock. I told her it's too bad she isn't at the dangerous time of the month. I whispered in her ear that she needs to come back to see me when she is ovulating, so I could fill her then.

At this point, we gave up any pretense of a massage. She rolled completely onto her back and I bottomed out inside her. As I pumped her I whispered to her how I wanted to fill her fertile "married" pussy.

I could feel her back off just a little emotionally. I think the fantasy was getting a bit too much. Oddly, I could also feel her getting closer to her climax. I whispered in her ear that if she came on my cock, that would show she wanted my cum in her fertile pussy. She hesitated for a split second, then pulled me in and ground against me. I whispered, "Don't cum, or I'll shoot deep into your married pussy."

It was too late. She went over the edge, pulling me with her.

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