Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to the Routine

The kids had their first day of school, so we're back in the routine. On that note, we were working in the back yard yesterday and Rebecca mentioned she had an email from G. He's back from an overseas trip, where his wife and kids are staying for another week or so.

Rebecca remarked kind of offhandedly that he said in the email that he mentioned they should go for a drink this week. I replied just as casually that it's fine with me and left it at that.

She brought it up again on our drive in to work, asking what day would work. I said that any day would, especially if it was after the kids went to bed.

She was concerned, saying she didn't want to be our too late during the week, so earlier would be better. I said if that's the case, dinner and drinks would make more sense. It struck me at the time how casually we were discussing my wife going on a date with another man.

Around 10:30, she texted me,
"Would tonight work for a drink?" I replied saying I was busy and she should find someone else to go with.
I think she gets my sense of humor, but I haven't heard back.

Even this morning, I noticed an extra bit of pep in her step. I think that's what I enjoy about this the most. I like to see her happy.