Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to Reality

The kids have been away at their grandparents this last week, so it has been pretty quiet around the house. It was nice for a few days to come home to a clean house, but I think Rebecca and I are ready to see them again. We miss the chaos.

To celebrate our last night of freedom, we went out for dinner with some friends. Our action in bed has been hampered a little because of the timing of her monthly visitor, but last night he was gone.

Without the kids here, she has been sleeping topless, so she came to bed that way last night. I didn't waste much time taking her underwear off. I found her to be very wet, probably the result of her week off. She had broken my drought partway through last week with a very nice blowjob, but I digress.

It didn't take me long to slip fully inside her, and I pumped her quite slowly, with full, long strokes. I wanted to maintain control over the act, so I would occasionally lift her and turn her to vary our position. At one point, as she often does, she asked if she could get on top of me. I answered by saying "not yet", and kept pumping her.

We started missionary, then I lifted both of her legs up so her knees were up by her chest. After going as deep as I could, I sat up on my knees and straightened her legs, then held her ankles apart as I pumped.

I was trying to give my cock the chance to touch every wall inside her, to see how she reacted to each stroke. While her legs were in the air, I rotated her legs to the side, straddled one of them and kept pumping. Finally, we completed the rotation and ended up "style a la doggie".

Eventually, I pulled her on top of me and she assumed her usual cowgirl finishing position.

I took this moment to mention to her that I had watched a video the other day of a white woman riding a black guy with a really large cock.

I said, "She was sitting on him like you are now, but the only difference was he was as deep as he could get, and he still had 4 or 5 inches outside of her."

I was prepared to keep describing it to her, but she took me by surprise by orgasming hard just as I finished that sentence. When I felt her cum, and I realized what had helped her get off, I came deep inside her.

It's nice to touch on a fantasy every now and then.

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