Sunday, August 19, 2012

Neighbors and Monogamy

We had our neighbor, M (no, not the stalker) over for drinks and then an impromptu supper last night. She's married, and her husband was at the football game, so she came over, drink in hand and ended up staying for supper.

We were discussing a mainstream article Rebecca had read, written by a woman who had been a mistress to several men over the years.

Our neighbor surprised both of us by saying that monogamy might be over rated. Her exact words were, "it's tough. It's a long haul."

This morning, Rebecca went cycling with a married friend of hers who commented on their ride that her and her husband had briefly discussed a menage a trois. Her friend had jokingly said the only person who came to mind was Rebecca. They both laughed it off and changed the subject.

That's fortunate because her husband isn't exactly the most attractive man in the world. I immediately thought of princess Leia chained to Jabba the Hutt. Great if you're Jabba. Sucks if you're Leia.

We must be at the age where people start thinking about swinging because it seems to be coming up more often in casual conversation. I still believe it would work best if only the wife does it, and shares her experience with the husband either through a threesome (in person), or by recounting the action afterwards for her husbands benefit.

The idea of "full swinging" is a good concept, but I think that in our case anyway, I would be the one who would actually enjoy her "enjoying" someone else. I know she would not be happy to see me having a great time with another woman. Actually, she would be pissed.. That may be one of the reasons why she can't understand why I would be cool with it.

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  1. Another great post...I love your blog! Wondered if I might ask how these comments by friends of hers have influenced Rebecca's views of being shared. Does she seem more receptive to the idea after hearing other women talk about non-monogamy? I'm glad you've made it clear you are not interested in swinging, but only in wife sharing. I think many women feel threatened by the thought of their husband being with another's a security thing. Of the two sharing options you mention, would you prefer sharing her in a threesome (either participating or watching) or does the thought of her being with the man outside of your presence and then describing the experience excite you more? Finally, does Rebecca still read your blog?