Saturday, November 13, 2010

Talking to Women

Rebecca was visiting my parents with the kids last Thursday and Friday. I had to work, so I stayed home. While she was there, she managed to slip away and go to the gym for a workout. Last night while we were bathing, Rebecca told me about a guy who attempted to make conversation with her. She said he definitely wasn't her type. He was stocky, and she likes "skinny". ( her words.)

His first mistake, in my opinion, was to ask her if the exercise she was doing ( a type of squat) worked her back. By asking her this, I think it exposed him as a bit of a buffoon. Rebecca has always reponded to confidence and cockiness, although it is a fine line between that and arrogance. He would have been much better off politely suggesting a slightly better technique to get the most out of the exercise. From my younger days of meeting women, I learned that you have to approach new encounters by accepting that you won't get anywhere at the first introduction. You're much better off flirting discretely, and keeping your self respect, than to push a bad situation.

I told Rebecca that while she was gone, I checked out a chat room online. It's one I would like to get her on to see if there's anyone witty enough to hold a conversation with her. I told her that I observed the same phenomenon of guys attempting to start conversations with women, and promptly being ignored. It was embarrassing to watch. Anyway, one of these nights, I might get her to log in and see if anyone fairs better than the poor guy in the gym. By the way, her working out is paying dividends. The following pics were taken this morning. I have to say, I can't blame the poor guy at the gym for taking a shot.

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