Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Surprise Vegas Getaway..

Dear Rebecca,

By now you know that you're going to Vegas with L. A while ago I was thinking you need to be a little more selfish when it comes to your own personal time. You been putting our wonderful little family ahead of yourself for some time now, and while I appreciate everything, I thought a short girls' trip would allow you to get re-acquainted with yourself. In other words, I'm going to be selfish for you.

I thought of L and/or N as appropriate friends to accompany you. N couldn't make it, so you're "stuck" with L. She's very excited about going. (The last time she was in Vegas with J, she was pregnant.)

You and I have talked about my fantasy of you being "with" another man over the last few months without being specific about what that means. I’ll clarify for you now. I get extremely turned on when I think of you talking, flirting, or dancing with another man. The pinnacle of this fantasy, is of course, you having sex with someone other than me, but there are several layers of this idea which arouse me which don’t even remotely approach you having sex. Knowing you are talking, emailing or chatting to another man drives me crazy. (In a good way.) A date with drinks and a dance or two would do the same. I would never want to make you uncomfortable, so I won’t ask you directly to push these boundaries, but keep in mind, everything you do or say fuels our love and my desire for you.

I also want to reassure you that this desire I have is completely centered around you. I have never cheated, nor will I ever want to be with another woman. My desire to be true to you is as strong as my desire for this fantasy. I know that this is a real paradox but I really can't explain it. I also understand that your desire to stay faithful is as strong as mine. My only explanation to you is if we approach this together and everything you do (or feel) is shared with me, then this is how you can truly be faithful to me.

When you're on your trip, I have thought you could use the time to dress up and go out (Yes I’ll be packing your Vegas dress for you). I want you to get comfortable with the realization that you’re a sexy, beautiful woman and that it’s okay for other men to notice it. I love you and I know you love me, so I would never feel threatened by another man taking notice of my lovely wife. While you’re out on the town, you have my explicit permission to scope and flirt with other men. (Tell “L” that you have my permission, if you like.) Get used to the knowledge that you’re hot! With L as your companion, it won’t get out of hand, so accept an offer to buy you a drink, and let your hair down. You can even feel free to slip someone your “picgirl” email address. (It would drive me wild to know you met someone and were staying in touch.)

All I ask in return is when you to come back as my wife, be detailed and descriptive when you tell me about what you did so we can experience this as a couple. My fantasy always is about us first, so I would like you to view it that way as well. I know that you'll feel guilty about anything (or the thought of anything) that happens. I am relieving you in advance of any guilt you may have. You will see from my reaction upon your return how much I love you.

Forever yours,


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